Boehner: Unfair to Delay ObamaCare Mandate on Businesses While Leaving Families on the Hook

John Boehner

WASHINGTON, DC – At a weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said it’s absolutely unfair and indefensible for the president to arbitrarily delay the ObamaCare mandate on employers, while maintaining the law’s penalty on hardworking American families.  Following are Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

 “Our economy continues to struggle with slow economic growth, high unemployment, and stagnant wages.  This is the ‘new normal’ under President Obama’s leadership.

“Republicans have a plan to strengthen our economy, create new jobs, and make life work for more Americans.  We’ve been talking about our jobs plan all year, it’s here, and we’re going to continue to focus on jobs. 

We’re fighting to make college more affordable for students and their families.  We’ll pass another bill this week to expand American energy production.  And we remain committed to repealing ObamaCare.

“Listen, ObamaCare is raising costs, it’s making it harder for small businesses to hire, and frankly, with last week’s announcement, it’s wide open to fraud and abuse.  In short, it’s a train wreck.  And even the administration knows that this law is unworkable.

“The president has delayed ObamaCare’s employer mandate, but hasn’t delayed the mandate on individuals or families.  I think it’s unfair and indefensible.

“If you’re a software company making billions of dollars in profits, you’re exempt from ObamaCare next year.  But if you’re a 28 year-old struggling to pay off your student loans, you’re not.  If you’re a big bank or a financial company, you don’t have to comply with ObamCare next year.  But if you’re a single parent trying to make ends meet, there’s no exemption for you.  And if you’re a big government contractor, you don’t have to comply with the ObamaCare mandate next year.  But if you’re a family of four in Ohio, you do – or you get taxed.

“Listen, is it fair for the president to give American businesses an exemption from the health law’s mandates, without giving the same break to individuals and families across the country?  Hell no it isn’t.

“Next week the House will vote to delay both the employer mandate and the individual mandate.  I believe it’s unfair to protect big businesses from ObamaCare, but not individuals and families.”


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