Boehner’s Rightful Stand

John Boehner

Boehner’s rightful stand

Regarding “The Boehner bunglers” (Oct. 8) by Paul Krugman: I for one put the vast majority of the blame square on this administration’s doorstep. Speaker John Boehner is doing the responsible thing to call out the president by saying enough is enough. The spending like a drunken sailor has to end — and this includes the reckless Obamacare disaster.

Tony Foley, Juno Beach, Florida


Prime minister du jour

In “Dinde à la Rockwell” (Sept. 28), Meg Bortin mentions “French President” Édouard Herriot as a regular at La Mère Blanc’s restaurant. She thus conveys the impression that the prominent Radical Socialist leader served as head of state. Among his many accomplishments Herriot was three times prime minister, and technically the title was “President du Conseil.” But Herriot was never president of France, a largely ceremonial office until Charles de Gaulle’s Fifth Republic.

Jonathan Randal, PARIS

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