Dear Colleague on 100 Days For The People

John Boehner


April 10, 2019

Dear Democratic Colleague:

Congratulations on 100 days of the Democratic House Majority!

Since day one of the 116th Congress, it’s been our job to deliver on the promises we made to the American people in November: to lower health care costs, increase pay by rebuilding America, and clean up corruption in Washington.  We should all take great pride in the incredible progress we have made to advance our For The People agenda.

During the first 100 days of this Congress, we have introduced, held hearings, marked up or passed much of our For The People agenda, and we have plans to continue this momentum over the coming months.

Earlier this year, we passed H.R. 1, the For The People Act, the most sweeping anti-corruption bill in history.  We took strong action to raise wages by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act, landmark legislation to secure equal pay for equal work.  We have marked up legislation to lower health costs, protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, and reverse Washington Republicans’ sabotage that has needlessly driven up premiums and uninsured rates.

As we move forward to pass key legislation to lower health care costs and prescription drug prices, and raise wages by rebuilding America, we must continue to highlight how House Democrats are united and committed to fighting for kitchen table issues.  As we make progress on the legislative battles ahead, we must project the strength and the unity of the entire Democratic Caucus.

As we enter this April District Work Period, we cannot allow ourselves to become distracted by the chaos and crisis coming from the White House and Washington Republicans.  Instead, we must cut through the noise and make ourselves heard on these issues that matter most to all Americans.  To do this, we must focus on the legislation we have passed and the headway we are making on the For The People agenda.

During the District Work Period, we must capitalize on the momentum we’ve built over the last 100 days and we must show our constituents why it was important to elect a Democratic Majority.  We encourage all Democratic Members to promote the For The People agenda through town halls, roundtables, panel discussions and across digital platforms.

Thank you for your leadership and your continued commitment to these efforts, we would not have been able to achieve these goals without every one of you.  We look forward to continuing to work with you to communicate our ideas and show how Democrats are fighting For The People.

best regards,

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