Dear Colleague on Our Battle Cry to Protect the Children

John Boehner


July 2, 2019

Dear Democratic Colleague,

The inhumanity at the border is a challenge to the conscience of America!

Every day that goes by, we have even greater cause for concern and urgency to enact the protections for children and families that were part of the House-passed border supplemental bill.

Last week, we saw a disgraceful undermining of American values by Senator Mitch McConnell.  Leader McConnell disrespected the House by refusing to go to conference on the commonsense protections in the House-passed border bill, and declared he would table any amended legislation from the House.  He clearly does not sufficiently care about the safety and well-being of children at the border.

Yesterday, I wrote to the President and reiterated the need for DHS to establish sufficient protocols for the health and safety of children and families in CBP custody, for no child to remain longer than 90 days in an influx shelter, and for the Administration to report to Congress the death of any child within 24 hours.

Today, we have further evidence of inhumanity at the border from the reports of our House delegations, including one led by Chairman Joaquin Castro and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and another led by Congressman John Lewis and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson.

As I said on Thursday when the Senate refused to consider the added protections in the House-passed border supplemental bill, our response must be a Battle Cry to Protect The Children.

What we have witnessed is unconscionable disrespect for the dignity and worth of God’s children. We have witnessed disrespect for the House and for the oversight duty of Members of Congress to visit sites unannounced to uncover the truth for the America people.  We have also learned of vile, crude disrespect for children, families and, indeed, Members of Congress by some in CBP, which demands total repudiation by the Border Patrol and the Trump Administration.

We look forward to receiving the President and the Administration’s response to our urgent requests.  We salute the efforts of Members to bear witness at the border and to call witnesses before their committees.

As we proceed to observe the 4th of July, we will do so with pride in our nation’s purpose and resolve to live up to it, prayerfully, For The People.

Thank you for your leadership.

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