Entering Year Six, President Obama to Talk Down His Economy

John Boehner

Remember when the president famously said, “Give it to me,” about the economy back it in 2009? Entering his sixth year in office, there’s no doubt that it’s now President Obama’s economy.

What is more interesting is that the president himself appears to believe his stewardship has been a failure.  This morning, the president is visiting a poor Washington D.C. neighborhood to talk about the economy – or, as it’s been described, to talk down his economy.

According to the White House, the president will discuss “growing income inequality and shrinking economic mobility and how they pose a fundamental threat to the American Dream.”  

The American Dream is certainly more in doubt than in decades, but after more than five years in office, the president has no one to blame but himself.   

It should be no surprise why his approach has left more Americans struggling to get ahead. The president’s economic policies promote government reliance rather than economic mobility. Rather than tackling income inequality by lifting people up, he’s been fixated on taxing some down.

Just look at a few of his policy choices: Rather than promoting school choice for the neediest children, the president has tried to block it.  Rather than fostering entrepreneurship, the president has stifled it with red tape.  Rather than ushering in new energy jobs and lowering costs for consumers, he’s blocked natural resource projects.  Rather than provide families greater flexibility in the workplace, he’s sided with union bosses.  Rather than empowering patients and lowering costs, he’s driven the price of health care higher with new mandates.

Perhaps even more stunning is that while the president is acknowledging the failure of his economic policies, his tonic is just more of the same.  According to the Associated Press, “Obama is not expected to propose any new policy.”  Which means more stimulus, more government programs, and more government intervention into the job-creating private sector.  By now – and by the president’s own admission – it should be clear that is not the solution.

That’s why House Republicans remain focused on a different approach, our Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs.  As Speaker Boehner said yesterday, “Republicans continue to stay focused on the economy, and the fact is the American people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there’ll be more jobs and higher wages available.”

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