Here’s Why Tax Cuts Must Be Permanent:

John Boehner

Thirty one years after the last tax reform, Republicans are determined to finally replace our broken tax code with a system that benefits all Americans. And we’re determined to go big.

Our plan is based on a few commonsense principles: simplicitycompetitiveness, and permanenceThat last one often gets lost in the shuffle, but here’s why it’s so important:

As the nonpartisan Tax Foundation argues in a recent study, “a temporary cut to the corporate income tax rate is substantially less effective than a permanent one.” That’s because short-term tax relief disincentivizes job creators from making long-term investments in their businesses. While temporary cuts may provide a brief uptick in economic growth, these effects would fade in a matter of years. In fact, a temporary rate cut could actually result in economic decline rather than growth.

Look and see for yourself:

Speaker Ryan stressed this very point in a major address to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) this week:

“There is one last piece to this puzzle, and it goes back to the idea that all of this is about looking down the road, and planning for the future. These reforms—these tax cuts—they need to be permanent.

“Every expert agrees that temporary reforms will only have a negligible impact on wages and economic growth. Businesses need to have confidence that we will not pull the rug out from under them. They need the certainty from permanent tax cuts to hire more workers, invest in their businesses, and plan for the future.

So here’s the reality: If we want truly want to raise wagescreate jobsspur economic growth, and build the confident America we know is possible, key elements of our tax plan must be permanent. Now is the time to get this done.

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