John Delaney Is Already Running for President

Mr. Delaney’s strategy is classic small-town retail politics. Over five days in August — his 14th trip to Iowa — he covered more than 700 miles and held more than two dozen events, many of them featuring fewer than 20 people in cities with populations of barely more than 1,000.

At a cafe in Greenfield (population 1,800), he met with the Adair County Optimist Club. In Panora (population 1,100), he campaigned for a House candidate, Cindy Axne, and the Democratic nominee for Iowa’s secretary of agriculture, Tim Gannon.

In Grundy Center (population 2,700), he canvassed with Dennis Evans, a candidate for the Iowa House. In Atlantic (population 6,700), he visited the farm of another Iowa House candidate, Denise O’Brien, and asked her about agriculture policy.

Less than five hours later, he added one of Ms. O’Brien’s policy suggestions — making the national farm bill last longer than five years — to his stump speech.

At the Greenfield event in particular, Mr. Delaney received a warm welcome. Afterward, Marcia Fulton, 77, of Creston, declared herself “extremely impressed.” But she also said she was “anxious to see who else comes into” the race.

The caucuses, after all, were still more than 500 days away.

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