Kudlow Dismisses Damage from Trump Shutdown

John Boehner


January 28, 2019

They just don’t get it.

As President Trump threatens to shut down the government again, top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow blithely said this about the 35-day Trump Shutdown: “There’s certainly no permanent damage to the economy.”

Outside the White House’s bubble of CEOs and billionaires, here’s the reality for working families:

Washington Post Column: Lasting damage remains from Trump’s shutdown folly

Slicing through the relief that the longest U.S. government shutdown has finally stopped is the lasting-damage reality of President Trump’s reprehensible folly.

Providing back pay to the 800,000 federal employees who went without wages since before Christmas will not make them whole. Sacrifices were made that cannot be fixed. Many federal contractors are poorer after going without income for the 35-day partial shutdown … The harm goes beyond the tangible, beyond money lost.

Bloomberg: Shutdown Damage Will Persist Long After U.S. Government Reopens

The government may be reopening, but the consequences of the longest federal shutdown in U.S. history are likely to linger for national parks, forests, the federal workforce and cutting-edge scientific research.

Many fire crews missed their window for controlled burns to prevent wildfires. Irreplaceable relics may have been damaged in unguarded national parks. Science experiments were abandoned. And a generation of talent may now think twice about signing up for government, while workers returning to a month of unopened emails and missed meetings will have to decide which of their priorities to sacrifice this year.

The Trump Shutdown inflicted needless pain and chaos in the lives of the American people.  For 35 days, the President held hundreds of thousands of workers’ paychecks and countless families’ financial security, health and well-being hostage.

When the Congress completes its bipartisan, bicameral work to fund government, the President should swiftly sign that legislation to avert another shutdown and restore certainty to our economy and the lives of the American people.

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