#LastSOTU: A Hat-Trick of Failures

John Boehner

The president will deliver his last State of the Union address in exactly one week. It’s his final opportunity to convince the American people that his agenda of an expanded federal government, increased spending, and higher taxes is working. Yesterday, we looked at some of the administration’s most disastrous foreign policy decisions of 2015. Things aren’t much better here at home. The president will say his domestic policies are working, but a closer look at the facts tells a different story. Here’s what we call the administration’s hat-trick of failures:

A sluggish economy
Our economy is headed in the wrong direction under this administration, plain and simple. Too many Americans are still struggling to find good-paying jobs, a record number have given up looking for work altogether, and more than 45 million people—15 percent of the population—are living below the poverty line. The president may be content with these numbers, but we can do so much better. Here in the House, we’re going to present a vision for a more confident America, beginning with fixing our tax code. The bipartisan tax package enacted last month is an important step forward in providing hardworking families and small businesses with the economic certainty they need to prosper.

A broken health care law
We all remember the president’s sales pitch that Obamacare would drive down premiums and allow Americans to keep their doctors. Nearly five years later, it’s clear these were nothing more than empty promises. We’ve instead seen premiums skyrocket, millions of Americans kicked off their plans, and businesses forced to downsize and cut wages just to keep the lights on. The fact is, this law is broken beyond repair. That’s why tomorrow, using a budget process called reconciliation, we’ll send a bill repealing Obamacare to the president’s desk for the first time. This will set the stage for House Republicans to offer a patient-centered alternative that doesn’t put the government between people and their doctors.

A job-killing energy policy
From vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is supported by a majority of the American people, to the EPA’s harmful water and power plant rules, the administration continues to pursue a job-killing, cost-soaring energy agenda that burdens our businesses with excessive red tape, raises energy costs for Americans, and hinders American competitiveness and economic growth. We’re continuing to push back against this destructive agenda, which disproportionately hurts the poor. Just last month, House Republicans scored a major victory by lifting the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. This alone will create 1 million Americans jobs and add $170 billion each year to our economy. We also voted to disapprove of backward EPA regulations that will hurt our economy.

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