‘Let’s Make Sure It’s Congress Writing Our Laws’

John Boehner

Americans are looking for a reprieve. After seven years of failed progressive policies, people are afraid that the nation is losing touch with what our Founding Fathers envisioned and even farther from a #ConfidentAmerica. Speaker Ryan discussed this during an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio:

“I think on the Republican side there is just a panic attack,” said Speaker Ryan. “An anxiety, that we are losing the Constitution, losing the rule of law. We are losing government by consent, free enterprise and self-determination. That’s what I feel, so it’s extremely frustrating.”

Frustrating indeed. But despite the current state of affairs, the speaker is confident about a better futurepaved by a specific agenda that outlines how we restore a #ConfidentAmerica. He explained in more detail:

“This is what our task forces are working on now, to lay out an agenda for what we really need. . . . economic growth. . . . repeal and replace Obamacare. . . . upward mobility. . . . national security. . . . and how do you make sure we are a self-governing country? That we have government by consent? That is another way of saying, let’s make sure it’s Congress writing our laws and not unelected bureaucrats. . . . So that is what we are going to be working on. Restoring the Constitution and the separation of powers.”

Speaker Ryan talked about this more with talk radio host Mark Reardon of KMOX earlier this afternoon:

“One of [my conditions in taking this job was] that we go on offense on ideas and we offer an agenda to the country so that we have a real ideas contest. Not just a personality contest, but an ideas contest. We’ve launched six task forces. We’re putting this agenda together. It’s bottom-up, all members of the Republican conference are assembling this. And we’re going to take it to the country this year and say, ‘This is what we think we need to do to put the country back on track.’”

He continued, “I look at this situation now, and what I’m trying to do is do my part to unify conservatives, unify Republicans, so that we can go forward in a unified way, stop our circular firing squad that is occurring here and there, and win in November and save the country—fix these problems. . . .

“You got to have a [new] president sign [Republican priorities] into law. And that’s, again, why we’re going to roll this agenda out this spring, showing in detail—here is what we can do, Mr. and Mrs. America, if you give us a Republican president that will work with us to do this.”

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