More Better Way Columns From Around The Country

John Boehner

In addition to town halls and poverty tours, House Republicans are taking A Better Way to their local papers. Here’s a sampling of recent columns. And here are links to more.

REP. BOB GOODLATTE (R-VA): “‘A better way’ to fix health care. When will this Administration realize there is a better way? It’s time to start over. One plank of the ‘A Better Way’ agenda put forth by House Republicans does just that. The recently released agenda, which is available online at, includes our ideas, step-by-step, to create a health care system that improves every American’s access to the care they need.” (The News Virginian)

REP. MORGAN GRIFFITH (R-VA): “Ninth District Agriculture and a Better Way to Do Tax Reform. Among other things, Chairman Brady’s ‘A Better Way to do Tax Reform’ would work to make the tax code simpler, fairer, and flatter. It would also make it easier to create jobs, increase wages, and expand opportunities. And rather than almost encouraging the shift of jobs overseas, as does our current tax code, Chairman Brady’s plan would reduce the tax penalty for those businesses wanting to bring overseas earnings home to America to invest.” (The Roanoke Times)

REP. JOHN KLINE (R-MN): “Better Way for Economy: Removing Barriers That Hold Us Back. … I remain focused on removing regulatory barriers that hold workers and entrepreneurs back, lowering health care costs that burden families, and helping more Americans acquire the skills and education they need to compete in today’s workplaces. Our pro-growth agenda offers a better way for every American to achieve a lifetime of success and prosperity.” (The Kenyon Leader)

REP. BILLY LONG (R-MO): “As part of the new ‘Better Way’ plan to reform the tax code this Congress, the House passed H.R. 529 with more than 400 votes. This bill would expand and strengthen tax-free 529 college savings plans, and modernize the program so that students can use these funds to purchase a computer. By making these savings plans more accessible, Americans will be able to plan for their kids’ future.” (Springfield News-Leader

REP. JASON SMITH (R-MO): “There is a better way. Today we have the opportunity to stop being reactive and become proactive about our future, just like the small business owners and farmers I met with this week. I have helped author solutions as part of the Better Way agenda which from healthcare to regulations to taxes will shrink the size of government in all our lives and restore American’s confidence in their future and the future of this country.” (Houston Herald

REP. STEVE STIVERS (R-OH): “A better way on foreign policy and national defense. This summer, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans released the ‘Better Way’ plan to offer ideas and solutions to get America back on track. One portion of this plan is a better strategy to handle our national security and foreign policy challenges. This includes ideas to better protect our country, defeat ISIS, tackle new threats, and defend freedom around the world.” (Chillicothe Gazette)

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