Obama and Boehner Arrange Golf Outing

John Boehner

White House officials confirmed Friday that the president had invited Mr. Boehner to tee up on June 18 at a course that has not yet been disclosed. The golf date comes as the White House and House Republicans are trying to come to an agreement on spending cuts that would clear the way for a vote this summer to raise the federal debt ceiling.

This week Mr. Boehner called for the president to become more engaged in the process. Perhaps the president is hoping that Mr. Boehner will grant him some concessions since the speaker is a much more proficient golfer than the president. Aides said the golf outing was set up weeks ago, but it was first disclosed by Politico on Friday afternoon.

Given their mutual appreciation of the game, it was expected that the two men would eventually play a round or two. But their pairing will not be the most closely watched local golf match of that Father’s Day weekend — the famed Congressional Country Club in nearby Bethesda, Md., is hosting the U.S. Open championship that week as well.

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