ObamaCare Deals Another Blow to Part-Time Workers

John Boehner

President Obama sold his health law on the promise that it would “bend the cost curve” and allow Americans to keep the health plans they liked and could afford.  Those promises have long gone by the wayside, and now the rising cost of health care has dealt a fresh blow to part-time workers already struggling in the Obama economy. 

According to the Associated Press, an estimated 30,000 part-time employees in just one company are losing their health benefits due to “the impact of higher health care costs.”  The move will force thousands of families onto the ObamaCare exchanges where they face skyrocketing costs across the country, at the same time that incomes are dropping and middle-class families are paying more for nearly everything they need.

The bad news doesn’t stop there.  As we recently noted here on the blog, the president’s health care law is also wreaking havoc on jobs.  “Three Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta have surveyed the folks in their area and roughly one fifth of the employers are saying they cut back on employment,” Fox News reports, and “more than one in ten are saying they’re doing more outsourcing – all this because of the new health care reform.” 

According to the most recent Department of Labor jobs report, the number of involuntary part-time workers “was little changed in September at 7.1 million.”  That’s more than seven million Americans, “almost 5 percent of the labor force, who want, but can’t find, full-time jobs,” one of the Vice President’s own former economic advisors admits. 

House Republicans have taken action to protect part-time workers’ hours and wages from the fallout of the president’s health care law with the Save American Workers Act, but Senate Democrats have refused to act on it, or the dozens of other common sense, House-passed jobs bills sitting in that chamber.  “The American people recognize that ObamaCare is hurting our economy and making it harder for small businesses to hire,” says Speaker Boehner.  “That’s why Republicans remain committed to repealing the law and replacing it with solutions that will lower health care costs and protect American jobs.”

Read more about the solutions Republicans have put forth to help lower costs, expand opportunity, and help more Americans find work at GOP.gov/solutions, and bookmark speaker.gov/5points to learn more about Speaker Boehner’s long-term, five-point vision for resetting America’s economic foundation.

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