ObamaCare: You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll Pay.

John Boehner

Young Americans know the least about” ObamaCare, and we’re fixing to do something about that.  Not only that, we’re doing it in style by joining the Obama administration’s health ad contest, in which citizens are encouraged to “create a song, or a graphic or a video” about this ‘wonderful’ law.  Our first entry focused on the president’s promise that you’ll be able to keep the plan you like.    

With our second entry, we’re getting the word out about how much ObamaCare will cost you and your family.

The short answer: more.  The slightly less short answer: a lot more

Let’s start in the Mountain States, where “young people in Colorado will pay more” for a basic insurance plan under ObamaCareThe Hill reports – “about 140 percent more than the cheapest policy on the market today.” 

Looking further out west to California, “middle-income residents could see individual health premiums increase by an average of 30 percent.”

Across the Midwest and Southeast, “Indiana, Ohio, Florida and South Carolina, have recently released preliminary rate information highlighting steep price increases,” according to CNN.

Rate shock will spread to small businesses, which have already been warned that their premiums could rise “20 percent or more.”  The nation’s biggest employers are also going to take a hit: Delta now says ObamaCare will cost the company $100 million next year. 

As if all this weren’t enough, paying more expensive premiums will become an even bigger hurdle for young people when – thanks to ObamaCare – they find full-time jobs have turned into part-time work.  Talk about adding insult to injury. 

Indeed, young people “wind up losing from every angle” under ObamaCare.  That’s why the House has passed bipartisan legislation giving all Americans the same relief from this health care law that the president has given to big businesses.  President Obama has signed seven bills repealing or defunding his health care law – he should want to sign this one too.  

In the meantime, we’ve got our sights set on a ‘sun protection kit’, so check out our graphic to learn more about what kind of rate shock ObamaCare will cause you – and then feel free to share the graphic with friends and family.  Everyone needs to know about the cost of ObamaCare.  

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