On Fox News Sunday, Speaker Ryan Outlines Priorities for a Bold, Pro-Growth Agenda

John Boehner

Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Speaker Ryan outlined Republicans’ five key priorities for offering the country a bold, pro-growth agenda in 2016: national security, jobs and economic growth, health care, poverty and opportunity, and restoring the Constitution. Check out these excerpts:

A bold, pro-growth agenda built from the bottom up.
“We agreed on five basic areas that we’re going to be working on to build a very bold pro-growth agenda to take to the country in 2016. Like you said, jobs, the economy, national security, poverty and upward mobility, restoring the constitution, making sure that we get government back to the separation of powers of our constitution, and replacing Obamacare with patient-centered healthcare, and dealing with the entitlement reform issues so we don’t have a debt crisis in this country.

“This is going to be a bottom-up process. Members of Congress and their representatives — and the people — and their constituents, forming this agenda, so it’s way too soon to get into the specifics, we’re going to be rolling this out in the spring before we eventually have a nominee.”

On the administration’s latest attempt to close Guantanamo.
“Look, the law is really clear, even the attorney general, the president’s attorney general came to Congress and now, the law is the law. The president can’t do that, the president cannot send these prisoners to the states. And, so, he can send whatever proposal he wants to us…Oh, and by the way, Chris, the law banning the transfer of Gitmo detainees to America was put into law by Democrats in Congress, and has been in law ever since and, recently signed law, as recently as December. So, look, he can send whatever he wants to Congress, but the law is the law. And, I’d be really amazed if the president is going to then try to direct our military to carry out orders where they knowingly are breaking the law. I can’t imagine he would do that. He can send us whatever plan he wants, but this just goes on; this is just another chapter in the story of the president trying to make it up as he goes.” 

On President Obama’s last State of the Union address.
“I think he’s very political. I think he erects what I call, ‘intellectual straw-man arguments’. He affixes views to people who don’t agree with him, they do not have only to try and win the debate in a kind of intellectually lazy way by just putting up straw-man arguments. I think he’s been the most polarizing president we’ve had in my lifetime, and I think he tries to shift blame for his own mistakes onto other people. And, I think it was a fairly partisan, and political speech, quite frankly. I don’t think he can help it. I think he’s always in this, sort of, campaign mode, and I think he just sees the world as what he wishes it would be, not what it is. And that makes for tunnel vision for a president.”

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