Pelosi Floor Speech to Honor the Late Former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher

John Boehner


May 1, 2019

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives and held a moment of silence in honor of the late former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi. Mr. Speaker, I rise with great sadness to mark the passing of a leader of exceptional courage and firm principles, our colleague and dear friend, Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher.

The presence of so many Members from our California delegation is a beautiful tribute to her beautiful life.  Thank you all for being here.

Ellen’s passing is a great official loss to the people of California and to the nation and a deep personal loss for all of us who were blessed to call her friend.

Our hearts break for her daughter, Katherine.  Personally, it was a joy for many of us to see her expect Katherine – Katherine came, Katherine’s growing up.  She took such delight in being Katherine’s mother.

Ellen was an extraordinary force for progress who made a difference.

Her smart, strategic leadership strengthened our democratic institutions and kept America safe, and her relentless commitment to nuclear nonproliferation beautifully honored the oath we take to support and defend the Constitution and protect the American people.

Ellen was a pioneer who made history when she became the youngest-ever and one of the very earliest women members of the New York Stock Exchange, where she was a powerful voice for technology, science and innovation.

Ellen’s friendship was a gift, and her legacy was one of outstanding leadership marked by deep patriotism and commitment to progress.

May it be a comfort to her beloved daughter Katherine and many, many loved ones that so many share her loss and pray for them at this sad time.

Mr. Speaker, I now ask that Members and guests in the gallery rise to observe a moment of silence.

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