Pelosi Statement on Circuit Court Ruling Upholding Injunction Against Trump’s Misuse of Funds for Ineffective, Wasteful Wall

John Boehner


July 4, 2019

San Francisco — Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Trump Administration’s request for a stay of the district court’s injunction barring the Trump Administration from using reprogrammed funds for the border wall in Sierra Club v. Trump.  The House participated in the case as amicus curiae in support of the Sierra Club. 

“Our Founders did not want a monarchy, they wanted a democracy.  They gave Congress the exclusive power of the purse under the Constitution, and made the Executive subject to the laws passed by Congress.

“Tonight’s appellate court ruling prevents President Trump from stealing Army personnel funds for a border wall that was repeatedly not appropriated by Congress.  The President’s attempt to ignore the bipartisan will of the Congress was a brazen violation of the Constitution’s Appropriations Clause and statutes governing reprogrammed funds.

“The very integrity of our democratic institutions is at stake.  We will not let the President trample over the Constitution.”

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