Pelosi Statement on Inspector General Report on Dangerous Conditions for Children & Families in CBP Custody

John Boehner


July 2, 2019

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement after the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General issued a “Management Alert” regarding the dangerous conditions and prolonged detention of children and families in Border Patrol custody:

“The Inspector General’s report provides a shocking window into the dangerous and dehumanizing conditions that the Trump Administration is inflicting on children and families at the border.  This report is even more troubling after the discovery of the vile, crude comments made on social media by some of those in CBP responsible for caring for migrant families and children.

“This week, Members of Congress have led our own inspections of facilities holding children and families. They too have witnessed horrifying conditions and faced disrespect for our oversight responsibility to visit facilities unannounced and to take pictures of what they have seen.  With the leadership of our Committees, the House will demand answers and accountability from the Administration.

“The inhumanity at the border is a challenge to the conscience of America.  Every day that goes by, we have even greater cause for concern and urgency to enact the protections for children and families that were part of the House-passed border supplemental bill.”

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