President Obama Should Sign New Support for Ukraine Immediately

John Boehner

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today called on President Obama to sign H.R. 5859, legislation unanimously passed by the House and Senate to impose new sanctions on Russia and provide more support to the Ukrainian people:

“It was my honor to invite President Poroshenko to address a Joint Meeting of Congress in September.  As I said at the time, he managed to do the near impossible in Washington: unite Republicans and Democrats in common cause and common purpose, even in an election season.  Our unity is reflected in the measure the House and Senate have unanimously passed to provide more tangible support to the people of Ukraine.  I commend the efforts of Representatives Jim Gerlach, Marcy Kaptur, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have worked together on this legislation.

“With this support, we underline our strong moral commitment to the cause of the Ukrainian people.   In the face of aggression and intimidation, they have had two successful elections.  In the face of subterfuge, they have shown restraint.  And in the face of cynicism from those who are not immediately facing the threat, they have defied expectations.  On behalf of the people’s House, I urge President Obama to sign this bipartisan legislation immediately.

“Of course, there is much more to do.  The House will continue to work to ensure that tangible assistance is provided not just to Ukraine but other partners and friends in the region.   We also continue to work on increasing energy supplies to Europe, which will create American jobs and break the political manipulation of access to energy in Europe.  After all, President Poroshenko’s message to the Congress could not have been clearer: for those who do not have to fight to gain or fight to keep freedom, the situation in Ukraine is viewed as an academic exercise.  For those Americans, at home and abroad, who fight every day to preserve our freedom, and for our friends and allies in central and eastern Europe, and in the Baltics and the southern Caucasus, who are grappling with physical invasion, economic coercion, and interference in domestic political affairs, this is an existential fight.  There is no greater force on Earth than the power of people banning together to demand liberty, economic opportunity and human dignity   God be with all Ukrainians seeking freedom and peace.”

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