PREVIEW: Speaker Boehner’s Five Points for Resetting America’s Economic Foundation

John Boehner

Later today, at the American Enterprise Institute, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will outline his five-point long-term vision for resetting America’s economic foundation.  To take advantage of America’s emerging energy boom, Boehner believes there are five key things we must do as a nation: fix our tax code, solve our spending problem, reform our legal system, rein in our regulatory system, and strengthen education.  Watch an enhanced webcast of the speech on, beginning at 2:15 pm ET. 

Following are excerpts from Boehner’s address, as prepared for delivery: 

“America’s energy boom presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset our economy from the bottom up. … The problem is, Washington’s approach is so top-down, and the bureaucracy so lumbering, that the government is keeping us from where we need to be.  Look at the state of things: flat wages, higher prices, a six-year slog to regain the jobs lost during the recession, and millions still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’  So we can do this the Washington way, move around some dirt, see what happens.  Or we can lay a solid foundation for growth and mobility.  Not pick one thing over the other, but do all we can to reap the benefits of this boom.  Bring these good-paying jobs home, get our workers off the sidelines.  Build a culture of hard work and responsibility around them.  Make America the best place to work, save and invest.”

* * *

“We do these five things in a meaningful way, we can reset the foundation of our economy for the next two or three generations.  Provide a reliable stream of good-paying jobs.  More stability and security, straight on through retirement.  And more opportunities for every American to get ahead, not just get by.”


“For what lies ahead the world needs a strong America, and that means we need a strong economy.  One in which all our people can strive to fulfill their God-given potential…and show there is no greater enterprise than free enterprise, and that we will never settle for the safe route.  We will lead for freedom in every sense of that word.”


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