Republican Governors Urge President Obama to Back Keystone

John Boehner

This morning, 24 Republican governors sent a letter to President Obama requesting that he reconsider his decision to veto the Keystone XL pipeline. 

From their press release

Governors Doug Ducey of Arizona, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Nathan Deal of Georgia, Butch Otter of Idaho, Mike Pence of Indiana, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Paul LePage of Maine, Phil Bryant of Mississippi, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska, Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Pat McCrory of North Carolina, Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota, John Kasich of Ohio, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota, Greg Abbott of Texas, Gary Herbert of Utah, Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Matt Mead of Wyoming. 

“As governors, our foremost priority is to grow and strengthen our state economies,” said Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. “We can achieve that in the states and throughout the country by building the Keystone XL pipeline. The President has the power to create good-paying jobs and bolster our nation’s energy security right now with a simple stroke of a pen. For those reasons and many others, we strongly support that this project must move forward.”

Read the full text of the governors’ letter

February 12, 2015

The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

We would ask that you reconsider your decision to veto the Keystone XL pipeline in light of the significant economic and energy security benefits this project would provide for those states along the route of the pipeline, and for the entire nation. 

According to the State Department’s own analysis, the Keystone XL pipeline will create an estimated 42,000 American jobs.  Given the number of jobs at stake, it is no surprise that the project has garnered the support of many of our nation’s largest labor unions, including the AFL-CIO Building Construction Trades Department, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Laborers’ International Union of North America.  But the real economic impact extends far beyond numbers on a page.  As one labor union representative put it, “this project is not just a pipeline; it is, in fact, a lifeline.”

The pipeline would not only constitute a boon for our economy, but also for our energy security.  Many of our states are at the forefront of America’s energy boom, producing more alternative energy, oil and natural gas than ever before.  Yet even as we make strides toward improved energy security, we continue to rely on hostile energy sources to meet our needs, and we remain vulnerable to global disruptions that can send prices skyrocketing for hardworking families.  The Keystone XL pipeline would pump approximately 830,000 barrels of oil a day to U.S refineries, expanding access to a more stable and affordable energy supply from one of our closest friends and allies.     

While the benefits of the pipeline are clear, for today and the future, we appreciate that your administration required the opportunity to do its due diligence and ensure the project is in the national interest.  The initial application for the Keystone pipeline permit was filed on September 19, 2008.  In the intervening six years, the project has undergone extensive review, resulting in two separate State Department analyses that found the project will not have any significant environmental impact.  The judicial proceedings you cited in your decision to delay approval of the pipeline in April of last year have now been resolved. 

With one stroke of a pen, you have the power to give thousands of Americans the shot at a good-paying job that will help them provide for their families and get ahead in a tight economy.  Approval would also demonstrate a sincere interest from your Administration in building bipartisan support for a truly all-of-the-above energy policy, and strengthen our economic relationship with Canada. Alternatively, you also have the power to veto the jobs, economic growth, and increased energy security the Keystone XL pipeline represents. We hope you will take into account the will of the vast majority of Americans who support this project, including our constituents, and sign legislation approving the pipeline when it reaches your desk.


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