Scenes From September

Underreported news Congress delivered several big, bipartisan wins this month that will make a real difference in people’s lives. It’s not the flashy stuff that makes the headlines, but during September, Congress funded 75% of domestic government by the end of the fiscal year—for the first time since 2007. This included fully funding our national security, the largest pay raise for our troops in nine years, historic resources to fight the opioid epidemic, resources for Hurricane Florence relief, and major upgrades to America’s aviation system. Additionally, the Music Modernization Act—a big win for songwriters, artists, and sound engineers—is off to the White House to become law.

Here are seven behind-the-scenes photos that capture some of the smaller moments from September:

1.  Wiskonsan – Speaker Ryan shows constituents a map of Wisconsin from 1844 (when it was the territory of Wiskonsan) that hangs in his conference room while giving the group an office tour.

09-04-18 at 14-36-18.jpg

​2.  Growing Economy – With an audience full of Capitol Hill reporters, Speaker Ryan discusses the growing economy before fielding questions.

09-06-18 at 11-41-17.jpg

3.  V(I)P Meeting – Vice President Pence stops by the office to meet with Speaker Ryan following meetings in the Senate.

09-05-18 at 14-37-49.jpg

4.  Army Fellows – Each year, dozens of women and men from our military complete fellowships on Capitol Hill. Speaker Ryan meets with this year’s group of Army fellows serving in the House.

09-13-18 at 11-34-06.jpg

5.  Reagan Institute – Speaker Ryan participates in a QA with National Review’s Editor Rich Lowry at an event marking the launch of The Ronald Reagan Institute in Washington, DC.

09-13-18 at 14-46-26.jpg

6.  Budget Reforms – Speaker Ryan meets with House Budget Committee Chairman Steve Womack (R-AR) to discuss the work of the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform. The select committee was formed to fix Congress’s broken budget and appropriations process.

09-06-18 at 10-40-31.jpg

7.  Milwaukee Night – At an event highlighting the contributions of the Milwaukee Region to the strength of our economy, Speaker Ryan shares a Miller Lite with a fellow Wisconsinite.

09-12-18 at 18-16-59_edited.png

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