Senate Democrats Blocking Progress on House Republicans’ Jobs Bills

John Boehner

In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia talks about Republicans’ focus on jobs and the American people’s priorities, and the need for Senate Democrats to get to work. Take a look.

Lawmaker: GOP bills ‘collecting dust’ in Senate. … Republicans in their weekly address pointed the finger at the Democratic-led Senate for inaction on bills passed in the House on everything from jobs to education. … Collins said of the bills that have been signed into law, more than 75 percent of them have originated in the House, and that Senate Democrats have not acted on more than 340 of them passed by the House. … Collins said Americans that he spoke to in Blue Ridge, Georgia, are frustrated with the ‘status quo.’  … ‘I know how they feel, because my Republican colleagues in the House and I have made the American people’s priorities our priorities,’ he said. Collins also blasted Democrats for leaving for August recess without passing an immigration bill, as House members did before they left. … ‘That’s just irresponsible – there’s no other word for it,’ he added.” (The Hill, 8/16/14)

Collins delivers weekly GOP address, says Senate needs to act on jobs bills. … [T]he Congressman from Gainesville, who represents the state’s Ninth District, called on the Senate to act on dozens of jobs-related bills passed by the House, many of those a bi-partisan effort, according to Collins.” (, 8/16/14)

‘Do-nothing Senate’ is problem in Washington, Collins says. … According to Collins, more than 300 bills, including seven appropriations bills, that have made it through the House are still awaiting action in the Senate.” (Athens Banner-Herald, 8/15/14)

Rep. Doug Collins: Americans Want Senate Democrats To ‘Do Their Job.’ … The Democrat-controlled Senate needs to get busy and do its job, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins said in Saturday’s GOP address,  pointing out that his constituents and Americans in general think there’s ‘not enough action on real solutions.’ … [W]hile Senate Democrats are not acting, Republicans have led efforts for job training legislation, given ‘veterans stuck in an outdated federal bureaucracy timely access to the care they need,’ and prevented major highway projects from being stopped.” (Newsmax, 8/16/14)

GOP Weekly Address: Rep. Doug Collins Urges Democrats in Senate to Act. … Collins says in his statement that Democratic inaction in the Senate is the cause of much of the Washington gridlock in terms of jobs efforts. ‘Our bills are piling up on Harry Reid’s desk, collecting dust,’ he says. Despite the gridlock, Collins says Republicans ‘aren’t going to slow down’ and will ‘keep passing common-sense solutions to help American families.’” (ABC News Radio, 8/16/14)

“In the weekly Republican address, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins calls on Senate Democrats to pass bills approved by the GOP-led House. He says the Senate has failed to take action on more than 340 House-passed bills, including some with bipartisan support.” (Associated Press, 8/16/14)

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