Showing Our Work for Jobs

John Boehner

Remember how our math teachers were always saying, ‘show your work’?  In that spirit, Speaker Boehner – a former small business owner – released a new video today in which he appears alongside many of the 30+ bills the House has passed to remove government barriers to job creation in America.  The video is a prebuttal to President Obama’s speech later today in Cleveland, where, despite a recent spate of bad economic news, he is “not likely to unveil new ideas to boost the economy and create new jobs.”

Laid out on his desk, Speaker Boehner notes, are “practical, common-sense proposals to help small businesses create jobs and build a stronger economy for all Americans.”  Among them: bills to cut taxes for small businesses, rein in excessive regulations, and fully repeal to the health care law that’s making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers.  All part of Republicans’ Plan for America’s Job Creators, these proposals remain blocked by the Democratic-controlled Senate, which has shown no urgency to act on jobs bills or even pass a budget.

President Obama hasn’t prodded the Senate – or his own administration – to act, first saying the private sector is “doing fine” and now giving an economic speech that lacks economic proposals. That’s because his team “made clear they don’t see many fresh options,” and the president appears to be, well, doing fine with that.  Today’s speech, a pivot to nothing after 40 months of unemployment above eight percent, is yet another indication of a shrunken presidency.

While Democrats try to get the president to ‘reframe’ his message, struggling Americans want him to change his policies.  That’s why the House continues to focus on jobs, with action in the coming weeks to address high energy prices and stop the tax hike scheduled to hit small business job creators on January 1.  “We’re going to keep adding to this pile,” Boehner says in the video, “and we’re going to keep calling on President Obama and Senate Democrats to give these jobs bills a vote.”  Because this isn’t just our work – it’s our work in progress.  To learn more, visit

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