Speaker Boehner: “A Balanced Budget Means a Healthier Economy, More Jobs, & a Brighter Future for Our Kids & Our Grandkids”

John Boehner

WASHINGTON, DC At his weekly press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlighted House Republicans’ responsible, balanced budget that will help promote economic growth and job creation today, and preserve the American Dream for future generations.  Speaker Boehner urged the president and Senate Democrats to work with Republicans on a plan that balances the budget – as American families do every day – and addresses the spending problem in Washington.  Following are Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

On House Republicans’ Responsible, Balanced Budget:

“House Republicans have a plan to balance the budget in 10 years.  Our plan cuts wasteful spending, grows the economy, and will create new opportunities for millions of Americans. …

“There are those out there who criticize our plan.  We repeal the president’s health care law, because it’s bad for Americans’ health care, and it’s bad for jobs.  We don’t raise taxes, because the president got the tax hikes that he campaigned on back in January. 

“I was glad to see that Senate Democrats offered their own plan this week for the first time in four years.  Now, it’s the president’s turn.”

On Democrats’ Failure to Put Forward a Plan that Balances the Budget:

“The Democrats who run Washington love to talk about a ‘balanced approach.’  But there’s nothing ‘balanced’ about a budget that never gets to balance.  And they have no plan to balance the budget – ever. …

“President Obama says he doesn’t want to balance the budget, ‘just for the sake of balance.’  Well, neither do we.  A balanced budget means a healthier economy, more jobs, and a brighter future for our kids and our grandkids. … It’s a means to an end, an end that ensures that our kids and grandkids have the same opportunities we did – having a shot at the American dream.”

On the Need for President Obama and Senate Democrats to Work with Republicans to Balance the Budget Address the Nation’s Fiscal Crisis: 

“We won’t agree on everything, but we should be able to agree on some common goals.  Number one: how about balancing the nation’s budget.  Every family in America has to balance their budget.  Washington should too

“President Clinton worked with a Republican-led Congress, made balancing the budget a truly bipartisan objective.  It’s now part of his legacy.  I believe this president should do likewise. …

“Listen, I’m glad President Obama reached out yesterday and visited with our House Republican Conference.  And I think we had an honest discussion.  But this is going to take more than dinner dates and phone calls.  It’s going to take the president and Senate Democrats rolling up their sleeves and making tough choices about how we solve our nation’s problems.  No more tax hikes, no more gimmicks, and no more putting off what needs to be done today. 

“And if we work together, we can succeed.  We can balance the budget.  We can protect the American Dream.  And I hope the president and Senate Democrats will join us.”

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