Speaker Ryan Discusses How House Republicans Have Put America on A Better Path

Summary: At today’s House Republican Leadership press conference, Speaker Ryan discussed how policies passed during this Congress have given Americans reason to be optimistic. With safer communities, an improved veterans’ health care system, and growing economic opportunities, Americans are now headed toward a more prosperous future.   

Opening Statement:

“I was actually in the first grade the last time we passed a defense authorization bill this fast.

“First, as a country, we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic right now.

“Two years ago, we were on a very, very different path. That’s why we proposed a positive agenda that we called the ‘Better Way.’

“What a difference those two years have made. The American people are better off now.

“Let me just show you something. You remember this? [Jake] Sherman, don’t shake your head, come on.

“The American people are better off now because of our Better Way agenda that we passed and put into place.

“This is improving people’s lives. This is making a difference in this country.

“We have a veterans’ health care system being reformed for the better.

“We have safer communities. We have stronger prevention and we have a treatment network that is going into place for opioid addiction.

“We’ve unraveled regulations that are ensnaring small businesses and banks.

“We have a new tax code that supports working families rather than holding them back.

“And our economy is thriving.

“This is no coincidence. This is because of our relentless work.

“This is because we took our principles—the classic, timeless principles that built this country—put them into policies to make a difference in people’s lives, and we are now seeing those policies bear fruit and improve people’s lives.

“Job seekers are now entering one of the best job markets in decades.

“Businesses are clamoring for more workers to meet rising demand.

“Confidence is climbing—even among Americans who have a harder time getting ahead. This is so important. 

“French [Hill] just talked about opportunity zones. Those are just now being rolled out so we can get people out of poverty, onto the ladder of opportunity.

“Confidence is climbing even among those Americans.

“Wages are rising. Capital spending is growing.

“Businesses are expanding again. This all means more hiring and creating new opportunities for people within their communities.

“All of this has returned us to a path of growth and a path of prosperity. 

“But that path could be altered for the worse—and that’s exactly what Democrats have said that they’ll do if given the chance.

“They have scoffed at Americans who benefited from more money in their paychecks. They’re determined to erase this progress.

“Even more, they want to take this country to a dramatically different place, to the far left: They want to abolish ICE, they want single-payer, government-run health care, guaranteed [government] jobs, massive tax increases.

“So, of course, we have more work to do.

“But rolling back all of this progress we have made is the last thing that hard-working taxpayers want to see happen.

“There are still Americans who need to be encouraged to get in the fold. There are still Americans who want to get off the sidelines, into the job market, getting their skills.

“That’s why we’re excited about bringing career and technical education to the floor again this week.

“This is an exciting development for the American people, because we’re going to get more people on the ladder of opportunity, on the path of life.

“The American people are better off now.

“And just go to better.gop to learn more.”

Article source: https://www.speaker.gov/general/speaker-ryan-discusses-how-house-republicans-have-put-america-better-path

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