Speaker Ryan on Hugh Hewitt: ‘We Are Going to Get Out There with an Agenda’

John Boehner

Last night, House Speaker Paul Ryan joined The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the bold, pro-growth agenda House Republicans are putting together for the nation. “As conservatives who are so concerned about the direction of our country,” said Speaker Ryan, “we are going to get out there with an agenda. . . . so that we are a party of ideas offering the country a clear choice.” Below are more excerpts from their conversation, which you can listen to here

We decided this year we’re going to lay out a case for the country—a specific bold, conservative, pro-growth agenda—for how we get us back on our axis. How we get our country back on track. Here’s what it takes. Here’s the plan. Here is what we’ll do if you give us the ability to do it. We’re asking the country for a mandate election by saying, ‘Here’s what we will do if you give us a Republican president and a Republican Congress, so that when we get elected, and if you give us this ability, you’ll hold us accountable to doing it’ . . . . The country wants the traditional American Idea back. If we have an agenda that actually secures that, you know, does it in detail, and we lay it out there, we think we will win. And that’s what we intend to do.”

“When you have an executive that’s just so brazen, so cavalier, and so willing to break those limits, test those limits, push those limits—you know, it’s extremely frustrating. Compound that with the anxiety of the times—a weak economy, flat wage growth, foreign policy that’s a complete basket case and nightmare. And people want to pull their hair out. And so I understand all that. I think the solution to it is what we’re trying to do, which is speak truth to power, hold people accountable, use the Constitution to the best of its ability to hold this executive accountable—but that’s not good enough. Go beyond that and put out an agenda. Give the country a choice. Give the people of this nation the choice they deserve, that they’re yearning for.”

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