Speaker Ryan on Morning Joe: ‘Let’s Talk to People in Ways That Combine Us’

John Boehner

Inclusiveness, opportunity, aspiration—that’s the message House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivered this morning during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, continuing his charge for an agenda that provides opportunity for all and reignites the American Idea. Below are excerpts from his conversation with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski:

“We care about opportunity, upward mobility.” “This is my Republican party. This is our Republican party. This is the Republican party. And this is one of the reasons why we’re doing this, is because we’re showing this is, number one, what we care about…We care about opportunity, upward mobility. We care about every person in this country, making sure that they have their ability to find the American dream…It’s why I got here. Look, it’s not a coincidence that the Jack Kemp Foundation is the sponsor of this. Jack Kemp, I used to work for Jack, he was my mentor. He was the person who put the heart in the heart and soul of the Republican party, showed us a party of inclusiveness, of opportunity, of aspiration of the American idea. He was passionate about fighting poverty. That’s who inspired me. I wanted to be an economist when I was young, and he’s the one who gave me the idea this idea that public service as a vocation is noble, and you can make a huge difference.”

“Let’s talk to people in ways that combine us.” “I’m a Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan conservative. I believe that we need to be inspirational, we need to be inclusive, we need to show how universal our principles and policies are and how they apply to everybody. . . . And now we see the economy weak, we see the world on fire, we see the future uncertain. Panic, frustration, anger—absolutely. But the way I look at this is, opportunity. There’s opportunity here. There’s opportunity that if you take these principles and go apply them to these problems, we can make a difference. And we should not be following the Democrats and playing identity politics. . . . Let’s talk to people in ways that combine us, that include us, that are universal, that are unique to America’s founding. And that’s what I think people are yearning and hungry for. And that really is the essence, the guts, the tradition of the Republican party.”

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