Speaker Ryan Signs Tax Bill, Sends to President’s Desk

John Boehner

WASHINGTON— Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and members of Congress held an enrollment ceremony for H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. With the speaker’s signature, the landmark legislation heads to President Trump’s desk—where it will soon become law. Following are Speaker Ryan’s remarks as delivered:

“So many of us have been working on this issue for a long time. And as a former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, I just have to tell you how so many men and women here have fought for this moment. So I also want to echo what Kevin Brady said. I want to thank the staff for all their hard work. I want to thank George Callas on our staff, who came from the Ways and Means Committee to the speaker’s office with me, and so many other people to make this possible.

“We come to these jobs to try and improve the lives of the people we represent. And this bill, more than so many other things we’ve ever tried to do, does that. And so we’re very thankful, and we’re very hopeful.

“Because when we’ve been working on this issue for so many years, we can see on the horizon this great potential for our people and for our economy. We know this is the greatest country on Earth, and we know that America has better days ahead. And we know that America has so much more potential to tap. This bill taps that potential.

“You know, I just look at the state of Wisconsin. The average income family of four in Wisconsin is going to get in excess of a $2,000 tax cut. That’s real relief for real people living paycheck-to-paycheck.

“We’re heartened that hours after this bill passed, we’re seeing companies across the country giving bonuses to their employees. One company in Philadelphia, $50 billion in capital improvements and investment over the next five years because of this tax bill.

“We’re encouraged at the fact that this is going to give the American economy the jolt of energy it needs to give people the opportunity they deserve.

“So we’re so excited about this chance and this opportunity. And we’re so thankful to the men and women of this country who sent us here to work on their behalf. And that we are able to actually deliver this generational defining reform and this moment.

“So at this time, I’d simply want to ask the Senate pro tem, Senator Hatch, to join me in enrolling and signing this legislation.”

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