Speaker Ryan Testifies In Support of Former Rep. Mark Green For USAID

John Boehner

On Thursday, Speaker Ryan paid a visit to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he testified in support of former Rep. Mark Green (R-WI) for his nomination to be administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID.) Here is his testimony, as prepared for delivery:

Chairman Corker and Ranking Member Cardin:

Thank you for having me this morning.

I know it is not often—or ever, really—that the Speaker of the House addresses a Senate committee. But I appreciate the opportunity to say a few words about an old friend.

In a sense, Mark Green needs no introduction to this panel. He has long been a forceful advocate for American leadership in global development. He undoubtedly possesses the expertise and experience to lead USAID and fulfill its mission.

And he will deliver the utmost transparency and accountability for American taxpayers. So the president has certainly made an outstanding choice.

Just as critical, I think, is the passion that Mark will bring to this post.

I have known Mark for about 20 years now.

We were both elected to the House in 1998. We had neighboring offices. We went to Bible study together.

And it was just clear to me that Mark had a higher calling, and that his heart was set on making a difference for people in need. You could see it when he talked about his time in the Peace Corps, or when he was working on PEPFAR and the Millennium Challenge Act.

This is someone who thinks every day about what he can do to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. That is his North Star.

That said, my endorsement of Mark’s nomination is not merely personal.

As this committee knows well, it is this Congress which fulfills the commitments that our country makes abroad.

The work done by USAID—funded and overseen by this Congress—is critical to advancing security and democracy around the world, even more so in this time of unrest in critical regions.

Mark understands as well as anyone that the strength and clarity of America’s leadership is vital to our interests and overall global stability.

We will be fortunate to have Mark Green as our voice and representative to the developing world.

As administrator of USAID, he will do what he has always done: bring people together to improve and transform the lives of others.

With that, I urge this committee and the full Senate to support this nomination.

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