Speaker Ryan: ‘This law is hurting people right now.’

John Boehner

Contrary to what Democrats want you to think, Obamacare is failingand it’s only going to get worse. Citing a list of skyrocketing premium increases around the country, here’s what Speaker Ryan had to say earlier today at his weekly press briefing:

This law is hurting people right now. I mean, look at these premium increases. This year, Arizona: 116 percent increase in premiums. Tennessee: 63 percent increase in premiums. Oklahoma: 69 percent increase in premiums. Illinois: 43 percent increase in premiums. North Carolina: 40 percent increase in premiums. Nebraska: 51 percent. Pennsylvania: 53 percent. These aren’t statistics—these are real lives. These are real families facing huge premium increases. And on top of this, you’ve got a massive deductible, so it doesn’t even feel like you have insurance in the first place. . . .

“The law isn’t working. It is failing. It’s nothing but a string of broken promises. Remember ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it,’ ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep it,’ ‘It’s going to lower costs’? It did none of those things. . . .

We have to step in front of this chaos and provide relief for people. That is why we’re moving to fix this problem. Our goal here is to improve people’s lives, is to have a healthcare system that actually works, is to have a healthcare system where families actually have more choices, where they have freedom, where they can have more competition and lower prices. And so this is why we’re doing this: Stop the damage from getting worse. . . .

“We’re going to be methodical, we’re going to be deliberative, and we’re going to do this the right way. We’re going to get this law repealed, we’re going to get this law replaced, and we’re going to have a transition period so that people do not have the rug pulled out from underneath them while we get to a better place.”

Instead of acknowledging these real-life failures, Democrats are still trying to scare Americans into accepting this law as the new norm. Speaker Ryan explained this morning during an interview with Wisconsin radio host Jerry Bader why that isn’t going to work:

“[Democrats] are trying to scare Americans into trying to keep Obamacare. They’re trying to scare Americans into thinking that this February, your health care plan is going to go away. That’s not true. That’s not happening. Let’s take a step back and remember a couple of things.

“Number one: Obamacare is nothing but a series of broken promises. Health care prices did not go down—they went up. Premiums have gone up double digits years in a row now. Oh, and more importantly, a third of the counties in America only have one plan available. That’s a monopoly—it’s not a choice.

“And so the law itself is failing. But more importantly, it’s getting worse. . . . We see great damage being done to families and to the health care system in America because of Obamacare. It is our duty, and our obligation, and yes, our promise, to step in and prevent that from happening . . . and to replace it with something better. We will have a transition so that people do not get the rug pulled out from under them.”

That’s why Republicans are vowing to repeal the law and replace it with a system that increases access to affordable, quality health care. There is a better way, and House Republicans are going to make sure it’s delivered to the American people. 

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