Speaker Ryan Touts Conservative Wins in Funding Bill with Hugh Hewitt

John Boehner

Summary: Today, Speaker Ryan joined The Hugh Hewitt Show, where he discussed how the government funding bill will reduce EPA employment levels, include no new money for Obamacare, and increase defense spending and border security. Listen to the full interview here.

EPA reform
“There are no funds for this grant to the climate front, so we have no funds going to the Green Climate Fund, which was kind of an Obama-era pet project. We reduced the EPA staffing levels to pre-Obama, back to 1989. So we knocked the staff down to what we had in 1989. So there are the people who I would argue are kicking out regulations that are harmful to the economy. This gets at that. There are things in the EPA that deal with infrastructure. Those things are maintained, because you know, their infrastructure things are important. But we defund, we zero out the Green Climate Fund, knock the employment levels back to 1989 levels.”

No new money for Obamacare
“There are no CSR payments here. Those are called cost-sharing reduction payments. Those aren’t in here. And obviously, the Democrats wanted that, and we didn’t do that.”

A win for defense
“If you look year over year from 2016, it’s $25 [billion] based on what we did earlier in the year. … What we really wanted to do is break the parity requirement that we endured under Obama, where if you wanted to put a dollar into the military for a ship, for a plane, for bullets, for gas, you had to give the domestic spending of federal government another dollar. That is the parity requirement we lived under with Obama. It held the military hostage for more bloated domestic spending. We broke that parity, and that to me, is the biggest thing here. That is the biggest accomplishment. I negotiated the Murray-Ryan budget deal four years ago, and we lived under the fact that with a Democrat president, and in many cases, a Democrat Senate, we had to hit parity. We broke that. We don’t have parity. We’ve got a big Defense increase. It’s a really good down payment. … That’s very important. And that, to me, the breaking of that parity requirement shows that we’re now back to fixing defense, and we’re not going to allow it to be held hostage for more bloated domestic spending.”

Increase in border security
It’s actually the biggest increase in border security in a decade. It gets spent by a whole number of things. Mick [Mulvaney] ran through it. They call it bollard fencing, which is what, in many areas, the border security thinks is the smartest way to go so you can see through it, so you can see what’s happening on the other side of the border. . . . It’s also cameras. It’s detention facilities. We have an increase in detention facilities so we can end catch and release. There are lots of things that are in here like this to help us get a huge down payment on border security. . . . fences, cameras, people, more ICE agents, more detention beds, those kinds of things.”

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