Speaker’s Report: Special Stuck in the Senate Edition

John Boehner

Let’s catch you up on what’s been happening at Speaker.gov, starting with our weekly address, in which Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN) talks about all Republicans are doing to help get people back to work, lower costs at home, and restore opportunity:

And in case you haven’t met this Internet sensation, he’s one of the most photographed and talked-about objects in the Speaker’s office:


With many still asking ‘where are the jobs?,’ stuck in the Democratic-controlled Senate is a bill to boost wages protect full-Time work.

Stuck in Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Senate is a bill to stop the war on coal save jobs.

Stuck in the do-nothing Senate is more flexibility for working families.

Stuck in the Senate are the next steps in the natural gas revolution.

#StuckInTheSenate are solutions to make education more accessible affordable.

Stuck…you get the idea.  Visit Speaker.gov/jobs to check out our #StuckInTheSenate series.


“The decision to simply delay this deeply-controversial and possibly unconstitutional unilateral action … smacks of raw politics.” – Speaker Boehner on the president’s announcement that he’ll delay unilateral action on immigration until after the election.

“Maybe in this instance too cautious.” Read what members of his own party are saying about the president’s foreign policy.

These days, Democrats are all denial, all the time about all the debt they’ve racked up, but things are looking “very scary.”

If the Emmys considered such things, the IRS would have easily taken home the award for best cover-up.


In just a few short months, we’ll light the Capitol Christmas Tree, coming to us this year from Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest.

The monkey in the room is just one of several unique objects you can find in Speaker Boehner’s office.

Thanks for reading.  Be sure to check us out on Flipboard. We’ve got a big month in store for you on Speaker.gov, so stay tuned!


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