Thanks, Mick

John Boehner

On Tuesday, the Speaker’s team gathered for a farewell luncheon honoring a great American.  Mick Krieger, longtime chief of staff in Boehner’s personal office, is retiring after 33 years of federal service. 

As Mick told it in his e-mail announcing his retirement, in 1989, “I was asked by a young state representative and independent businessman if I would involve myself in his race for the U.S. Congress.”  That small business guy, of course, was John Boehner, and Mick has been one of his top aides ever since.

To know Mick is to know “Boehnerland” – he’s as loyal as they come.  To work for Mick is to pursue excellence – he’s as tough as they come.  Over the years, he has given many dedicated public servants their start, including Mike Sommers, the Speaker’s chief of staff, and Dave Schnittger, the Speaker’s deputy chief of staff.   

So it was fitting that at Tuesday’s lunch, Mick, Mike, Dave, and Boehner sat together to tell some old stories. 

Mick ended his retirement note to staff by writing: “The good news: you never, ever leave Boehnerland.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you, and thank you for your friendship.”

The thanks is all ours, Mick.  We wish you, Pam, Billy, and Barbie nothing but the best.  Godspeed.

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