The Collected Works Of…

John Boehner

These are the stories of Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio, a regular guy with a big job:

The Biggest Long Shot” (10:30)
Before he was a Speaker, or a Congressman, or even a small business owner, he was the son of a barkeep.  As the second oldest of twelve and a would-be college dropout, John A. Boehner had the unlikeliest of journeys to the Speaker’s chair, and now, for the first time ever, his story is told by the people who know him best.

Ending Earmarks” (2:26)
Before John Boehner ever set foot inside the halls of Congress and before the “bridge to nowhere” was even a thing, he made a promise to the people of Ohio’s 8th District who elected him: no earmarks, period.

A Day With Speaker Boehner(2:50)
Go behind-the-scenes with Speaker Boehner as he shares (and shows) some of his secrets for staying organized amidst a hectic schedule.

Called to Lead” (2:00)
Speaker Boehner believes America’s energy boom presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset the foundation of our economy.  There are five things he thinks we need to do to make it happen.

To All Moms” (1:06)
Speaker Boehner could never quite explain how his mother managed to raise 12 kids, but he’s sure glad he did.  

Lawn Care 101” (0:40)
He may be the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, but he still irons his own shirts, washes his own dishes, and yes…cuts his own grass.

The Monkey In The Room” (0:38)
It all started in the fall of 2011, when Speaker Boehner joked in an interview that some days he felt like a windup toy because his jam-packed scheduled kept him so busy…

Speaker’s Greetings” (0:57)
Every year during the holidays, the mail bag gets a little heavier — and merrier — with Christmas cards, and Speaker Boehner makes it a point to read every single one of them.

The Boehner Brine” (1:11)
If, like Speaker Boehner, you’re responsible for the Thanksgiving turkey, then you’ve probably got some special ingredient or some way you make it that you’ve perfected.  For him, it’s brining the turkey.

The Story of the Gavel” (1:28)
There’s a great tradition to Speaker’s gavels. Speaker Boehner had his made by an old friend from an old tree in Southwest Ohio.

The Power of the Holy Spirit” (1:43)
When John Boehner was asked to run for Congress, he struggled for an answer.  He went to Mass every morning for a month, seeking guidance on what he was being called to do.  Some 25 years later, this is how the story ends.

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