The Many Emotions of Obamacare

John Boehner

Since news broke that Obamacare premiums will rise by double digits next year, we’ve been waiting for the law’s defenders to level with the American people. Instead, their emotions have been all over the place: Guilt. Laughter. Denial. Blame.

Even though Obamacare was written and rushed through Congress by Democrats, it’s somehow Republicans and the media who are to blame for its shortcomings (see: rising premiums, minimal millennial interest, unsustainable costs, etc.) But try as they might to cast blame upon everyone else, “this law can’t be fixed” because of its design—and that’s causing a lot of mixed feelings on the left. Take a ride on this emotional rollercoaster with us:

Bad PR.” According to an architect of Obamacare, the law isn’t popular simply because of “bad PR.” “Obamacare, as you know, is not popular,” Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel said in a recent interview. “It’s been bad PR, but not bad on the substance.” That’s interesting—we thought higher prices, restricted access, and lower quality make for some pretty terrible substance. 

Making a joke of it. In an interview conducted earlier this year, a trio of President Obama’s former speechwriters discussed the best parts about their old jobs. When the now infamous “if you like your plan, you can keep it” line was mentioned, the group broke out into a fit of laughter. Seems like an odd reaction to millions of Americans losing their health coverage.

It’s not me—it’s you. Even the Democrats who are owning up to Obamacare’s flaws are still blaming congressional Republicans. Whether it’s begging Republicans for help or comparing Obamacare to the Ten Commandments (what?), somehow, President Obama and his liberal colleagues don’t feel responsible for the law’s failures. But no matter how they try to spin it, Americans nationwide are rejecting what Obamacare has to offer.

When all else fails… When blaming Republicans doesn’t work, apparently it’s the media’s fault that people aren’t signing up for Obamacare. Referring to the recent news that premiums will double all across the nation next year, President Obama said volunteers will need to “clear the mud off the windshield” to convince people to sign up. But as you and I both know, the only thing that needs cleaning up is the law itself. 

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