The Speakership in Photos

John Boehner

1) Swearing-in // January 5, 2011.  Speaker Boehner received the gavel in the Hall of the House of Representatives following his first election as Speaker.

01-05-11 at 14-04-33-2

2) Commencement Address // May 14, 2011.  “Humility, patience and faith, and always a few tears from me.” Speaker Boehner delivered the commencement address to the Catholic University of America Class of 2011 on the east steps of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

05-14-11 at 10-31-29

3) Address to the Nation // July 25, 2011.  Speaker Boehner spoke to the nation regarding the Republican plan for addressing America’s debt crisis and creating a better environment for private-sector job growth.  A week later, the president signed the Budget Control Act which is on track to provide the most significant spending reductions in modern history.

07-25-11 at 21-26-21

4) The Youth // May 16, 2012.  Speaker Boehner enjoyed talking with thousands of students over the years during their visits to Washington D.C. and the Capitol building.

05-16-12 at 08-53-54

5) Jobs // March 23, 2012.  Always a small business guy at heart, Speaker Boehner met with team members at Pentaflex metal stamping in Springfield, Ohio.

03-23-12 at 16-19-15

6) The Hammer // September 20, 2012.  Speaker Boehner lent a hand to Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to help hammer a ceremonial nail to start construction for the Presidential Inauguration.

09-20-12 at 11-08-55

7) Mr. Speaker // January 2, 2013.  Speaker Boehner awaited the arrival of members of the escort committee in the Speaker’s ceremonial Office following his election as Speaker for the 113th Congress.

01-03-13 at 13-42-33

8) The Golden Bear and The King // September 12, 2012.  Speaker Boehner shared a moment with golf greats Jack Nicklaus (center) and Arnold Palmer (right), on the Speaker’s Balcony of the U.S. Capitol.  Nicklaus and Palmer are both recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal, and this photo has sat on the mantel in Speaker Boehner’s since the day it was taken.

09-12-12 at 12-31-58

9) Cincinnati’s Bat Boy // February 12, 2013.  Speaker Boehner presented one of his State of the Union guests, Ted Kremer, with a commemorative bat engraved with the day’s date and “Ted Kremer, Special Guest of John Boehner, United States Speaker of the House”. Kremer can be seen helping around the Cincinnati Reds’ dugout from time to time.

02-12-13 at 18-46-42

10) Green Grass // March 25, 2012.  It’s no secret that Speaker Boehner loves green grass. He also enjoyed cutting his own grass and sharpening the lawn mower blade at home in Ohio.

03-25-12 at 11-10-05

11) America’s Pastime // June 13, 2013.  Speaker Boehner always cheered on his fellow Republicans, both on and off the field.  Here he can be seen at the annual Congressional Baseball game for charity at Nationals Park.

06-13-13 at 19-00-44

12) School Choice // June 11, 2013.  The Consortium of Catholic Academies of the Archdiocese of Washington is near and dear to the Speaker’s heart.  Students of Washington’s inner-city Catholic schools were often invited by the Speaker to come to the Capitol for the State of the Union address, the Capitol Christmas tree lighting, and most recently, the Papal visit.

06-11-13 at 19-54-00

13) Dress for Success // May 7, 2013.  Always one to point out a crooked tie or the need for a haircut, Speaker Boehner showed Peter Cook of Bloomberg TV how to properly tie a necktie following an interview together.

05-07-13 at 16-03-31

14) Luck of the Irish // March 14, 2014.  Speaker Boehner welcomed President Obama and Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland to the Capitol every year during his Speakership to continue the St. Patrick’s Day tradition begun in 1983 by House Speaker Tip O’Neil and President Ronald Reagan.   

Speaker Boehner addresses the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon.

15) The People’s House // November 21, 2013.   Speaker Boehner spoke with 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley about the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Capitol Dome and the humbling experience of working in the U.S. Capitol.

Speaker John Boehner speaks with 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley about the humbling experience of working in the U.S. Capitol.

16) America’s Ally // March 3, 2015.  Speaker Boehner invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to address a joint meeting of Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life.

Speaker John Boehner and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel greet one another before His Excellency addresses a joint meeting of Congress.

17) Big Win // April 16, 2015.  Speaker Boehner signed H.R. 2 – the first real entitlement reform in nearly two decades – in the company of a bipartisan group of House and Senate leaders following the bill’s passage.  H.R. 2 strengthens Medicare, ensures seniors’ access to their doctors and saves taxpayers approximately $2.9 trillion over the long term.

Speaker John Boehner is joined by a bipartisan group of House and Senate leaders to sign H.R. 2, which strengthens Medicare, ensures seniors' access to their doctors and saves taxpayers billions.

18) The Troops // April 14, 2014.  Speaker Boehner had the opportunity to meet thousands of American servicemen and women during Congressional delegation visits. Pictured here is Lt. Commander Keith Maranics, a Navy SEAL from Centerville, Ohio, currently serving in Abu Dhabi.

The Troops

19) Pope Francis // September 24, 2015.  Pope Francis thanked Speaker Boehner for inviting him to address the United States Congress as the first Pope to ever do so.

Pope Francis thanks Speaker Boehner for inviting him to address the United States Congress as the first Pope to ever do so.

20) The Last Look // October 8, 2015.  Speaker Boehner loved hosting members of the military, school groups, foreign dignitaries, and anyone else who cared to drop by, on the Speaker’s Balcony of the U.S. Capitol. This is one of the last times of his Speakership where he took a personal moment to marvel at the beauty of the National Mall. When asked if he would miss the view, Speaker Boehner responded simply, “I’ll remember it.”

Speaker Boehner looks out across the National Mall from the Speaker's balcony of the U.S. Capitol for one of the last times of his Speakership.

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