URGENT: Will Dems Act on Nearly 30-House Passed Jobs Bills?

John Boehner

‘We can’t wait’ is out.  “Ride it out” is the White House’s new jobs strategy.   

Far from accepting blame or changing course after Friday’s dismal unemployment report, the White House said “it was critical to maintain” the president’s policies.  “White House vows to stay on course despite jobless woes,” one headline read.  “It wasn’t clear … what new domestic proposals, if any, the White House had in the works,”  another report said.  The administration has done such a poor job touting its recent ‘to-do list’ for Congress that Senate Democrats couldn’t even tell you what’s on it

On top of middling short-term proposals, the president hasn’t offered a responsible long-term plan to tackle our crushing debt: his budget was declared a “national laughingstock” after it failed to pick up a single vote in both the House and the Senate.   

Indeed, much of the administration’s interaction with Congress this year has been devoted to picking fake fights instead of trying to find common ground on big challenges. (These days, even the fake fights are getting shortchanged: despite a high joblessness rate among recent college graduates, the White House still hasn’t responded to Republicans’ good faith effort to prevent interest rates on student loans from going up next month.)

On Friday, Speaker Boehner reiterated that Republicans’ “focus is the focus of the American people,” and that’s “this economy and jobs.”  From the start, Republicans have acted with urgency on jobs, passing nearly 30 common-sense bills that would help liberate job creators and build a stronger economy for all Americans   Time and again, Republicans have urged President Obama and Senate Democrats to give these bills – many of which passed with bipartisan support – a vote.  

This week, the House is set to pass another jobs bill, one repealing an ObamaCare medical device tax that, according to a new nonpartisan analysis, could destroy tens of thousands of jobs.  More jobs bills are in the works as part of a House schedule that is “heavy on jobs,” including measures to stop the coming tax hike on small business job creators, move us closer to an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, and rein in the excessive regulations that are hurting our economy.  Republicans also continue to insist that any final transportation legislation include the Keystone XL pipeline, a job-creating project that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said the president “made a mistake” in blocking.

Republicans are listening to the American people.  The House is doing its work.  Will President Obama and Senate Democrats do theirs – or will they stay mired in the “small-bore battling” that ignores the big challenges we’re facing?

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