Watch Speaker Ryan’s Interview on CNN

John Boehner

Today, Speaker Ryan appeared on CNN’s State of the Union for an interview with host Jake Tapper. Below are excerpts from their conversation:

America’s inclusive society: “America is a pluralistic, inclusive country. It is, it has been, and it will continue to be. So I really think that people should put their minds at ease. We’re going to get to work on solving the country’s big problems—getting this economy growing, fixing our national security, fixing our health care problems, getting our budget put together. You know, the things that we’ve been talking about. So I think people should just really put their minds at ease. We are pluralistic, we’re inclusive. That’s the kind of country we want, that’s the kind of country we are, that’s the country we’re still going to have.”

Replacing Obamacare: “Well, what I encourage people to do is go to—it’s number five in our plan. We put the most detail out of anybody that’s put out an Obamacare replacement plan. And it is to have an answer for everyone with pre-existing conditions, people who were uninsured. The point I would say is this, Jake: We can have a health care system in America where everyone—regardless of income or health condition—can get affordable health insurance, can get affordable health care. This is what we propose. We think a patient-centered system is the right way to do that. And you can have this system without a costly government takeover like Obamacare that is cranking up premiums, that is making deductibles so high, it doesn’t even feel like you have health insurance. Obamacare is failing—it must be replaced.”

President-elect Trump: “What I think people need to stop doing is stop underestimating Donald Trump. A lot of us did that. I think he’s very much of the mindset that there is a need to unify this country, to heal the division in this country. But also there’s a mandate, and a desire, and a commitment to fix the problems as we’ve laid the solutions out. So, we all laid out very concrete solutions for why we need to get this country back on track. We’re now going to implement those solutions. We think this is good. We think this is going to help people get out of poverty, we think this is going to grow the economy, make our country more secure, make our border secure, help the military go on offense against ISIS, clean up the red tape that is strangling small businesses so they can hire people again. These are good things that we have in store that we’re really excited about getting to work on for the American people.” 

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