We Put the President on Defense

John Boehner

Congress has kicked off 2016 by putting President Obama on defense. We’ve sent legislation repealing Obamacare #OnHisDesk. The President’s sure veto will set a stark contrast for Americans between Democrats who continue to back Obamacare despite its failings and Republicans who wish to repeal it and institute a new patient-centered system, an alternative that House Republicans will be rolling out this year. With a Republican president, there is now a clear path to repealing Obamacare without 60 votes in the Senate. The stage for 2017 has been set.


“This marks the first time that Congress has sent a measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act to Obama’s desk, forcing the president to issue a rare veto.” (The Blaze)

“For the first time since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, Obama will have to pull out a pen and veto legislation dismantling it. The bill would also strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding.” (Real Clear Politics)

“The GOP-controlled House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon passed legislation that would repeal Obamacare, and after more than 60 votes to roll back all or part of the law, the bill [to] dismantle it will finally get to the President’s desk.” (CNN)

“President Obama is expected to issue his sixth veto on the measure, which passed through the Senate in December. Still, Republicans say they are forcing the president to defend his policies.” (ABC News)

Marking a Contrast

“Mr. Ryan said he doesn’t expect the president to sign a bill that scraps his namesake law, although the effort outlines a “clear choice” for voters who want to see changes in 2017.” (Washington Times)

“…Republicans appear confident that they have the upper hand on the issue, with polls showing the law remains unpopular with the majority of the public.” (The Hill)

“Republicans hailed it as a hard-fought victory, saying the bill…highlights sharp policy differences between their party and rival Democrats during the 2016 presidential election race.” (Yahoo! News)

“Repeals for major parts of Obamacare cleared Congress for the first time on Wednesday, and while Obama is sure to veto the package, one of the most powerful House Republicans says the move shows voters who is on their side and what could actually be done come 2017.”  (WND)

“The House voted Wednesday to repeal key provisions of Obamacare and strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood, sending the bill to the White House and kicking off the 2016 election season with a symbolic action intended to highlight ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats.” (USA Today)

A Path Forward to Full Repeal

“President Obama will veto the measure, but the symbolism – this can be done with a Republican president – is significant. A major campaign promise kept.” (Town Hall

“Now that the GOP has succeeded in its long-standing goal of repealing Obamacare in Congress, they are pledging to finally confront the difficult task of producing a Republican-backed replacement. A GOP health insurance reform plan has eluded the House and Senate for years, but 2016 will be different, leaders are promising.” (Washington Examiner)

“Six years after President Obama rammed Obamacare through a Democrat-run Congress, Republicans used their own majority to take a “monumental” step toward scrapping the overhaul Wednesday, approving a bill to ax the onerous mandates that penalize Americans who refuse to comply with the health care law’s demands.” (Washington Times)

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