Week in Review: Obamacare Repeal and Replace

John Boehner

We get it—you’re busy. There’s a lot happening on the Hill. So, if you’re wondering, “What happened with Obamacare this week?”—allow us to bring you up to speed.

Legislative Hearings
This week, a few House committees held hearings to discuss fixing our health care system by way of repealing and replacing Obamacare. First up? Energy and Commerce.

Yesterday, the EC health subcommittee looked at four specific bills designed to rebuild the collapsing health care market (more on that here)—bills that protect taxpayer dollars and give power back to states. As Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) said, “We have to save this individual health care market—it is collapsing.”

On Wednesday, the health subcommittee also took a look at three commonsense bills to strengthen Medicaid—one day after the oversight subcommittee did the same. During Tuesday’s hearing, Chairman Walden highlighted how the program’s increasing costs, fraud, and errors in determining eligibility result “in millions of wasted taxpayer dollars,” weakening Medicaid for those who rely on it.

The Education and the Workforce Committee also held a hearing to examine how Obamacare has hurt small businesses struggling to offer coverage to their employees.

These hearings reiterated just how important Obamacare repeal is. Our step-by-step approach will prioritize accountability, innovation, and quality care for those who need it most.

Even Worse Than We Thought
Rewind to Monday, when the Heritage Foundation released a new report reaffirming our longstanding fear: This year, Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges are going to see even less competition and choice.

Currently, customers in 70 percent of U.S. counties have only one or two insurers to choose from. That’s not the kind of competition we need to keep costs down and quality for patients high.

The whole report—find that here—is an eye-opening omen of what health insurance will look like if we stick with the status quo. To that, Republicans say: out with the old, in with the lower costs and expanded choices.

The Drumbeat
Speaker Ryan kept the drumbeat going this week, explaining that repealing and replacing Obamacare is the only way to deliver real relief to struggling Americans. He talked about it with Republican leaders, during his weekly press conference, on Fox Friends

The shorter version? We need patient-centered reforms that increase access to affordable, quality care. The longer version? Well, that’s available on better.gop.

House Republicans are just getting started, so keep an eye out for more updates as we move closer to repealing and replacing this disastrous law.

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