Weekly Address: A Plan for Middle-Class Jobs & Savings

John Boehner

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With the new Congress advancing real solutions to help middle-class families, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) uses the Weekly Republican Address to urge President Obama to back her plan to protect college savings and reconsider his threat to veto common-sense jobs bills, including the Keystone XL pipeline. 
Watch the address here and below, check out news coverage that may interest you:

CBS News: “GOP: Expand 529 tax-deductible college savings accounts
“Just days after bipartisan opposition forced President Obama to drop a proposal to hike taxes on 529 college savings accounts, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Kansas, called on Congress to expand those accounts in the weekly Republican address Saturday.”

Topeka Capital Journal:Jenkins touches on pipeline, 529s in GOP address
“U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas said in a Republican address Saturday that President Barack Obama ought to reconsider possible veto of a Keystone XL pipeline bill and work to upgrade college savings opportunities.  Jenkins, who serves Topeka and the 2nd District in Congress, said in the ‘Weekly Republican Address’ continued development of the pipeline stretching from Canada into the United States would create 42,000 jobs.”

Newsmax: “Rep. Lynn Jenkins Calls on Obama to Protect College Savings Accounts”
“Rep. Lynn Jenkins, in Saturday’s GOP address, called on the president to protect college savings accounts, not go through with a now-abandoned plan to raise taxes on them. … Jenkins also called on Obama to reconsider his threats to veto the House’s common-sense jobs bills.  ‘We’ve voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would create 42,000 American jobs,’ she said.”

Associated Press: “Republicans insisted they are the champions of the middle class.  ‘Expanding opportunity, protecting middle-class savings, holding government accountable: These are your priorities, which means they are Republicans’ priorities,’ said Kansas Rep. Lynn Jenkins said in the GOP response to the president’s radio address.”

Washington Times: “Meanwhile, Republicans are countering Mr. Obama’s message of so-called ‘middle-class economics’ by pushing their own measures aimed at helping working families. House GOP leaders have proposed a plan to expand the 529 college savings accounts, which allow families to save for college and withdraw the money tax-free. … Ms. Jenkins also urged the president to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline.  A measure approving the project cleared the Senate this week but Mr. Obama has vowed to veto it.”

ABC News Radio: “In this week’s Republican Address, Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas spoke about ways to lower costs and expand opportunity for middle-class families, including planning to protect college savings. … Jenkins also spoke of President Obama’s threat to veto the bill that approved the construction the Keystone XL pipeline, which was approved by the Senate on Thursday.”

The Hill: “Jenkins also pushed the president to ‘reconsider threats to veto our common-sense jobs bills,’ like the Keystone XL pipeline authorization. The Senate passed that bill this week, sending it to the president’s desk to set up a probable veto.”

Washington Examiner: “Lynn Jenkins calls for expansion of college savings plans”

Breitbart: “Jenkins Touts Expanding 529s In GOP Weekly Address”

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