Weekly Address: ObamaCare Fails Young People

John Boehner

The White House is reportedly attempting another “rebranding” of ObamaCare for millennials, but as Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) says in this week’s Republican address, “the best sales pitch in the world can’t sell a bad product, and this law is a bad product for young people.”  Schock, one of the youngest members of Congress and co-founder of the Congressional Future Caucus, gave the address from the campus of Eureka College in Illinois.  He talked about how the best thing we can do for young people is focus on better solutions that lower costs, increase choices, and boost competition.  

GOP Saturday message: ‘Health care law is a bad product for young people.’ … Republicans tried a different approach in their weekly address–focusing on younger people and the new health care law.  Rep. Aaron Schock, 32, delivered the address from the campus of Eureka College in Illinois. … Schock, R-Ill., explains how the young are in effect being asked to pay for older, sicker people. … His solution: ‘We ought to scrap it and start over with an approach that focuses on lower costs, more choice, and more freedom and competition.’” (McClatchy)

Republicans: Health law is a bad deal for young people. … Just days after the Obama administration introduced Pajama Boy to urge young adults to sign up for health care, Republicans used their weekly address to tell the same people not to be fooled. …  ‘No matter how many actors, and rappers, and rock stars the president rolls out, the best sales pitch in the world can’t sell a bad product,’ Schock said Saturday from Eureka College in Illinois. … Obamacare will saddle young people with the medical expenses of older, sicker Americans, according to Schock.  … ‘In Washington, they call this ‘community rating,’ but where I come from, we call it a ripoff,’ he said.” (POLITICO)

GOP congressman says healthcare law ‘bad product’ for young people. The president’s healthcare plan rips off young people because the premiums they pay subsidize those of older people, a Republican congressman said Saturday.” (UPI)

GOP Rep: Young people ripped off by O-Care.  … Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) took to the airwaves on Saturday, hammering the White House for efforts to sell a ‘bad product’ to young Americans.  Speaking from former president Ronald Reagan’s alma mater Eureka College in Illinois, Schock contended that Obama has stifled opportunities for young people to thrive economically.  Since October, Republicans have seized on the daily unfolding problems with Obamacare’s full implementation.”  (The Hill)

GOP says ObamaCare fails young people. House Republicans took aim at Obamacare in their weekly address…Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, in remarks released Saturday, delivered the Republicans’ address from Eureka College, in Eureka, Illinois. He condemned Obamacare as a ‘bad product’ for young people while criticizing the administration for designing a publicity campaign that focuses on attracting millennials.” (CNN)

“In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois discusses the impact of Obamacare on young Americans.  Schock calls Obamacare ‘a bad product for young people.’  He says, ‘Young people helped put the president in office, and with this health care law, he’s pushing them into years of less choice, fewer opportunities, and larger bills.’” (ABC News Radio)

“In the Republican address, Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois criticizes the new health care law as unfair to young Americans.  He says the law should be scrapped because it shifts costs to younger, healthier people to keep premiums from skyrocketing for others.” (Associated Press)

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