Weekly Address: ObamaCare Horror Stories From North Carolina

John Boehner

In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), chair of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee, shares stories from constituents hit with sticker shock and cancellation letters because of the president’s health care law.  Here’s how you can get the weekly address:

Below are some excerpts from early coverage:

“Congressional Republicans on Saturday said that ObamaCare is part of a ‘war on women’ administration. … Ellmers recounted a series of stories of people in her district she said lost their low-cost insurance in response to provisions of ObamaCare.  … Ellmers repeated the GOP’s call to repeal or delay ObamaCare in light of Obama’s incorrect assertions.” (The Hill)

Ellmers expressed frustration with the health care law, saying it was an example of the ‘war on women.’  Citing examples from voters’ experiences with the Affordable Care Act, the congresswoman said the people would have to ‘spend the holiday season wondering ‘what’s next?’’ and that the law relied too much on insurance companies and big businesses.  Ellmers called on the president to get rid of the law or at least delay it to help Americans.” (ABC News Radio)

“Ellmers, chairwoman of the Republican Women’s Policy Committee, linked the so-called ‘war on women’ to Obama’s sweeping health care law.  Ellmers went on to share stories of constituents in her North Carolina district who face cancellations of their insurance policy because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pushed for a delay of the individual mandate portion of that law.  ‘For our part, Republicans will continue to listen, focus on jobs, and give this law the scrutiny it deserves,’ Ellmers said.” (CNN)

“Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) focused on how she said the Affordable Care Act is hurting families whose existing insurance plans have been canceled… ‘The Obama administration is essentially saying it knows what’s best for you and your family,’ Ellmers said, charging that many people also will lose longtime, trusted doctors because of Obamacare. … Ellmers shared several stories from constituents struggling with premium hikes.  One couple told her that the increases will consume their monthly ‘gas and grocery money,’ she said. … Ellmers assured listeners that Republicans will continue to focus on jobs and hold President Barack Obama accountable…” (POLITICO)

“In Ellmers’ talk … she cited three cases of people in her district who told her that their insurance premiums would double or increase even more under the new law. … Before she was elected, the congresswoman worked as a registered nurse for 21 years, first in surgical intensive care and later in the general surgery practice of her husband, Brent Ellmers, in Dunn, N.C.” (McClatchy)

“In the Republican weekly address, North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers calls on Obama to delay his health care law’s requirement that all Americans purchase insurance.  She says the law is particularly impacting women, who often make health care choices for their families.” (Associated Press)

“Representative Renee Ellmers delivered the Republican weekly address.  She criticized Obama’s healthcare law that has resulted in some Americans losing their health insurance plans, despite a promise from the president that would not happen.” (VOA News)

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