Weekly GOP Address: 1,361 Days Since Senate Passed a Budget

John Boehner

In the Weekly Republican Address, House Republican Policy Committee Chairman James Lankford (R-OK) urges the Democratic-led Senate to pass a budget after nearly four years of inaction.  He points to the White House’s intention to submit its budget late for the fourth time in five years as additional evidence of Democrats’ unwillingness to confront government’s spending problem, which hurts families and jobs.  Here are some additional highlights from early coverage of his address, which you can now readlisten towatch, and download

“CHASTISED SENATE DEMOCRATS FOR FAILING TO PASS A BUDGET RESOLUTION IN NEARLY FOUR YEARS”: “Lankford chastised Senate Democrats for failing to pass a budget resolution in nearly four years.  He cited Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada as saying it would be ‘foolish’ for the Senate to produce the budget.  ‘We disagree,’ the congressman said. ‘With more than 16 trillion dollars in debt, we believe it is foolish not to have a budget.’  He also criticized the president for missing ‘more budget deadlines than any of his predecessors.’” (UPI, 1/19/13)

“ARGUED THAT AMERICAN FAMILIES ARE HURT MOST BY CONGRESS’S FAILURE TO WORK OUT A BUDGET”: “Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.) hammered Senate Democrats on Saturday for not approving a budget resolution in nearly four years.  Lankford also criticized President Obama for falling behind on finalizing a budget proposal in time for next month’s deadline, saying he has ‘already missed more budget deadlines than any of his predecessors.’  ‘Every family and every business has a budget, our nation should have a budget as well,’ Lankford, the new chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, said during the GOP’s weekly address. … He argued that American families are hurt the most by Congress’s failure to work out a budget.  ‘When day to day life costs more and jobs pay less, we don’t solve the problem by delaying our federal spending decisions, raising taxes or refusing to tackle our nation’s most pressing economic challenges,’ Lankford said.” (“Lankford criticizes Senate Democrats, Obama on budget,” The Hill, 1/19/13)

“CITED PRESIDENT OBAMA’S TARDY SUBMITTAL OF HIS BUDGET TO CONGRESS IN FOUR OF THE LAST FIVE YEARS:” “Lankford cited President Obama’s tardy submittal of his budget to Congress in four of the last five years – and the Democratically-controlled Senate’s inability to even pass a budget for almost four years – as evidence of poor financial stewardship.” (CBS News, 1/19/13)

“URGED DEMOCRATS IN THE SENATE TO PASS A FEDERAL BUDGET”: “Lankford, a second-term Republican from Oklahoma, urged Democrats in the Senate to pass a federal budget. … The Senate, he pointed out in the GOP weekly address, ‘hasn’t approved such a resolution for almost four years – 1,361 days to be exact.’  Lankford pointed to out-of-control government spending as a reason for the current fiscal mess.” (CNN, 1/19/13)

“ANY BUDGET … MUST ADDRESS GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND DEBT”: “In the Republican address, Oklahoma Rep. James Lankford is focusing on financial matters. He says any budget Congress approves must address government spending and debt.” (AP, 1/19/13)

“WORK TOGETHER IN CREATING A PLAN TO GET THE COUNTRY BACK ON TRACK:” “Referencing the challenges of unemployment and the climbing living costs seen by Americans over the last year, Lankford urges Democrats and Republicans to work together in creating a plan to get the country back on track. … But government acting without an approved budget for this long ‘is not the result of Washington gridlock,’ he says.  ‘Majority Leader Harry Reid said it would be ‘foolish’ for his party in the Senate to produce a budget,’ Lankford says.  ‘We disagree. With more than 16 trillion dollars in debt, we believe it is foolish not to have a budget.’  ‘This debate is often argued in numbers and figures, but it’s really about families like yours that bear the burden of a slow economy,’ he adds.” (ABC News Radio, 1/19/13)

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