Weekly GOP Address: Balancing the Budget For the Sake of Families & Jobs

John Boehner

In this week’s Republican address, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) details how Republicans’ plan to balance the budget in 10 years will help create jobs and improve the lives of American families.  Ryan invites President Obama to work with Republicans in Congress to balance the budget, just as President Clinton did. 

Check out highlights from early coverage of the address, which you can now readlisten towatch and download:

“REPUBLICANS HAVE A PLAN TO BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET IN 10 YEARS”: “In the Republican address, House of Representatives Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who was a candidate for vice president last year, said Republicans have a plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years by cutting spending and not raising taxes.”  (VOA News, 3/16/13)

“IT WILL BENEFIT AMERICANS WORRIED ABOUT JOBS AND THE COST OF LIVING”: “House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Saturday said he wants the federal government to cut back on spending, just like an American family would.  Ryan used the weekly GOP address to promote the budget plan bearing his name, saying it will benefit Americans worried about jobs and the cost of living, those trying to keep up with thecost of healthcare and younger workers hoping for a secure retirement.  … Ryan took aim at President Obama and Senate Democrats, saying the tax increases in a proposal from Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) only ‘fuel more spending.’ ‘We know where this path leads—straight into a debt crisis, and along the way, fewer jobs, fewer opportunities, andless security,’ Ryan said, painting a desperate image of rising interest rates and inflating debt payments.” (The Hill, 3/16/13)

“WE’RE NOT BALANCING THE BUDGET AS AN ACCOUNTING EXERCISE … WE’RE TRYING TO IMPROVE PEOPLE’S LIVES”: “Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin delivered his party’s address this week, focusing his message on the budget plan that the House is expected to vote on next week.  If only the federal government would stop spending ‘money we don’t have,’ then the budget could be balanced in 10 years, he said.  ‘But the crucial question isn’t how we balance the budget.  It’s why.  The budget is a means to an end,’ he told listeners and viewers.  ‘We’re not balancing the budget as an accounting exercise.  We’re not trying to simply make numbers add up.  We’re trying to improve people’s lives.” (New York Times, 3/16/13)

“USED THE REPUBLICANS’ WEEKLY ADDRESS … TO CALL ON THE PRESIDENT TO WORK WITH REPUBLICANS TO ACHIEVE A BALANCED BUDGET”: “Ryan used the Republicans’ weekly address to lay out his budget blueprint and to call on the president to work with Republicans to achieve a balanced budget and rein in spending.  ‘President Obama and Senate Democrats say they want a ‘balanced approach’ to our fiscal issues, but their budgets never balance – ever.  Instead, they want to raise taxes to fuel more spending,’ said Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee.  ‘Today, we invite President Obama to do what President Clinton did – to work with Republicans in Congress to balance the budget.’” (ABC News, 3/16/13)

“EVOKING THE BIPARTISAN EFFORTS OF FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON”: “The architect of the House’s budget plan said Saturday the federal government must reduce its spending or head ‘straight into a debt crisis.’ … Ryan’s plan would balance the budget in 10 years by cutting spending, eliminating tax loopholes and lowering tax rates across the board.  It would cut Medicare and other entitlements and repeal President’s Obama healthcare law. … Evoking the bipartisan efforts of former President Bill Clinton, Ryan called on Obama to work with Republican members of Congress to balance the budget.” (UPI, 3/16/13)

“WITH THESE STEPS, THE CONGRESSMAN SAYS THE ECONOMY WILL GROW”: “In this week’s Republican address, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R- Wis., details the GOP plan for balancing the federal budget in 10 years, and asserts thatplan would mean more economic security for workers, more secure retirement for the elderly and more opportunities for younger Americans.  … Insisting the budget is a ‘means to an end,’ a way to ‘improve people’s lives,’ Rep. Ryan says the GOP budget plan ‘protects [Americans] from tax hikes and calls for Congress to fix the tax code by lowering rates and closing loopholes.’  With these steps, the congressman says the economy will grow, but leadership is needed in Washington first.” (ABC News Radio, 3/16/13)

“RYAN EXPLAINS ‘WHY’ OF BALANCING BUDGET IN WEEKLY ADDRESS”:  Rep. Paul Ryan sought to explain to Americans on Saturday why eliminating the federaldeficit was a worthwhile goal. … He went on to explain how his budget would revamp the tax code, approve the construction of the controversial Keystone oil pipeline, and cut what he calls wasteful government spending.” (CNN, 3/16/13)

“In the Republican address, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin says Republicans have a plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years by cutting spending.” (AP, 3/16/13)

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