Weekly GOP Address: Stop Government Abuse

John Boehner

This week’s Republican address features Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) previewing Stop Government Abuse Week in the House of Representatives.  Here is where you can read and watch the address.

Here’s a snapshot of the address from MajorityLeader.gov:

“Recent revelations about IRS officials abusing their power and targeting conservatives based on their political beliefs illustrate the immense power federal bureaucrats from hundreds of different agencies have over matters small and large today.

“Today, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor delivered the Weekly Republican Address to give a preview of #StopGovtAbuse Week, a new initiative by House Republicans to restrain runaway government and re-empower citizens.  Over the next week, the House will move 10 different pieces of legislation designed to protect citizens from government overreach.  House Republicans will act to keep the IRS out of your healthcare, fight excessive government regulation, empower citizens during interactions with federal agents, provide accountability to misbehaving government employees, enforce a bill of rights for American taxpayers, and more.”

And here are excerpts from early coverage:

CNN: “Republicans to make big pushes on oversight legislation”
“Before the House breaks for August recess, Republicans plan to pass legislation next week designed to ‘stop government abuse,’ House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reiterated Saturday.  The legislation includes 10 measures for floor votes, largely pegged to this year’s IRS controversy in which political groups seeking tax-exempt status received extra scrutiny.  Republicans especially want to roll back the agency’s role in overseeing key parts of Obamacare.”

The Hill: “Cantor: GOP trying to protect paychecks, ‘sacred liberties’”
“In the weekly Republican address, Cantor laid out how House Republicans will advance a series of bills in their final week before the month-long August recess, all aimed at curbing a government Republicans see as run amok.  ‘Many in Washington have forgotten the most important principle – that the federal government works for you – and not the other way around,’ he said. ‘This week, we will address government abuse that is threatening your hard-earned paycheck, as well as your sacred liberties.’”

CBS News: “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor aims to end ‘government abuse’”
“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., pledged to put a stop to ‘government abuse’ in the weekly Republican address on Saturday, highlighting a number of bills the House will vote on in the coming days to prevent ‘reckless’ spending and protect taxpayers from agencies like the IRS. … Cantor also touted a series of bills that would restrict the powers of federal regulators.  One proposal, the ‘REINS Act,’ requires Congress ‘to approve any new regulation proposed by bureaucrats that threatens to impact and add costs to our businesses and working families,’ Cantor said.”

VOA News
“Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor responded to the president’s message by saying that Republicans would tackle the country’s problems by cracking down on government fraud, waste, abuse and intrusiveness.  He added that new proposed legislation would require Congress to approve any new regulations proposed by unelected bureaucrats and remove the Internal Revenue Service from having anything to do with health care.  Obamacare requires the IRS to enforce all regulations in the president’s Affordable Care Act.”

Associated Press
“In the Republican address, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia says Republicans will focus this week on government abuse, such as intrusive regulations and red tape that he says threaten Americans’ paychecks and civil liberties.”

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