Weekly GOP Address: Stopping a Student Loan Interest Rate Hike

John Boehner

This week’s Republican address focuses on stopping an immediate student loan interest rate hike set to take effect on July 1st and making things easier over the long-term for borrowers and their families.  Delivering the address is Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN), a member of the House Education the Workforce Committee. 

There are a number of ways you can check out the Weekly Republican Address:

·      Watch the video on YouTube.

·      Listen to the audio on GOP.gov.

·      Read the transcript right here on Speaker.gov.

For now, here are some excerpts from early coverage of the address:

·      “Keep student loan rates low, Republicans say in address.  … Rep. Luke Messer, R-Indiana, accused President Barack Obama in the weekly Republican address of rejecting a House Republican plan on political grounds, saying the president himself had proposed a similar measure in his annual budget.  ‘His maneuvers are yet another example of the arrogance of power that has taken root in this administration, and it prevents us from addressing the people’s priorities,’ Messer said. …Republicans argue that Obama basically agrees with their approach, which would tie the student loan rate to economic factors instead of leaving it up to Congress.” (CNN, 6/8/13)

·      “Republicans see an ‘arrogance of power’ in Obama White House.   Republicans said on Saturday that President Obama used ‘campaign-style’ tactics to attack a GOP student loan-rate plan recently rejected by the Senate, pushing the debate backward.  … Messer then called on the Senate and the White House to work out a compromise that keeps the borrowing rate low for students.  … The Indiana Republican and other members have criticized the president for opposing a plan similar to his own.” (The Hill, 6/8/13)

·      “In this week’s GOP address, Indiana Rep. Luke Messer spoke of the importance of preventing a rate hike for federal student loans.  Messer said that the House of Representatives acted to stop the immediate rate hike and to protect students over the long term, reducing rates for borrowers and keeping Washington politicians out of the business of setting interest rates. … Messer accused the president of playing politics instead of helping students. Instead, he said, Obama attacked the proposal even though it was similar to his own, ‘rather than seize this common ground and move the ball forward.’ … Messer concluded by stressing the importance of giving the ‘next generation their opportunity to live the American dream.’” (ABC News Radio, 6/8/13)

·      “Representative Luke Messer of Indiana delivered the Republican address this week, focusing on the student loan interest rate that is scheduled to double on July 1.  ‘No one wants this to happen, especially in a job market where millions of recent grads are having a hard time finding full-time work,’ he said.  He chided the president for denouncing the Republican plan to address the coming increase, saying that it was ‘yet another example of the arrogance of power that has taken root’ in the White House.   ‘Student loan relief is just one example of the solutions Republicans have put forward to get our economy back on track and give our next generation their opportunity to live the American dream,’ he said. ‘Working together, we can.’” (The New York Times, 6/8/13)

·      “Focusing on the country’s student loan program, Republican Congressman Luke Messer of Indiana said in his party’s address Saturday that legislators and the president need to work out a compromise to keep federally subsidized student loan rates low.  He accused Obama of ‘campaign-style’ tactics to attack a Republican plan that Messer says somewhat “mirrors” the White House’s own proposal.” (VOA News, 6/8/13)

·      “In the Republican address, Rep. Luke Messer of Indiana says House Republicans have acted to prevent a student loan rate increase next month.  He says Senate Democrats should stop stalling.” (Associated Press, 6/8/13)

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