“We’re All Team Scalise”: Speaker Ryan and Leader Pelosi’s Joint Interview

John Boehner

During last night’s Congressional Baseball Game, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and House Democratic Leader Pelosi (D-CA) sat down for a joint interview—their first ever—with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Here is the full transcript, and excerpts from the interview:

1. “Tonight, we’re all Team Scalise.”

Speaker Ryan: “We’re all praying for Steve, and the family is getting the support they need and he’s going to recover. It’s going to take some time.”

Leader Pelosi: “We’re all close to Steve Scalise, he’s a lovely person. But this game is a game where we always come to have fun, root for everybody  to do their very best and hope that our team wins. Tonight, we’re all team Scalise.”

2. “What we’re trying to do is tone down the rhetoric.”

Speaker Ryan: “Well, it’s a tough age. It’s a partisan, polarized country. What we’re trying to do is tone down the rhetoric, lead by example, and show people we can disagree with one another and we can have different ideas without being vitriolic, without going to such extremes. And so, that’s what we’re trying to demonstrate here.”

Leader Pelosi: “I think that people feel very strongly in their convictions and some people — I always say you can be passionate about your beliefs, but you have to be dispassionate on how you proceed.”

3. “Most of what we actually pass is bipartisan.”

Speaker Ryan: “By the way, there is a lot that we do together. We just passed landmark veterans legislation last week. We worked together on the funding bill for government to help the military. Most of what we actually pass is bipartisan. It’s the stuff that’s controversial or very much in disagreement with one another that gets all the press attention.”

Leader Pelosi: “That’s right. . . . What’s newsworthy is what is controversial.”

4. “I think we need to find more opportunities for us to work together.”

Leader Pelosi: “Sometimes, it’s sad, but it takes a tragedy to come back in touch with the humanity of people on the other side of the aisle.”

Speaker Ryan: “ I think we need to find more opportunities for us to work together. We actually know each other well and many of our members do.”

Leader Pelosi: “Yes.”

5. “Her grandkids actually like me. Go figure.”

Leader Pelosi: “I thought you were going to brag about how much my grandchildren are a big fan.”

Speaker Ryan: “That’s right. Her grandkids actually like me. Go figure.”

Leader Pelosi: “I just think when families get to know each other, we’re proud of differences of opinion.”

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