What President Obama Should Be Talking About Today

John Boehner

American families and small businesses continue to struggle in President Obama’s economy, and he is leaving major challenges unaddressed, such as the lack of robust job creation, the onslaught of tax hikes coming on January 1, the debt that is threatening our long-term economic growth, and high gas prices that have doubled on his watch.

So what is President Obama talking about today? According to the Associated Press, he will be in Iowa “to prod Congress to act” on his post-it note sized “to-do list” – a political gimmick so small even Senate Democrats have ignored it.

For those watching or covering the president’s remarks today, consider what President Obama should be doing:

He should be calling on Senate Democrats to take up bipartisan House-passed jobs bills:

Nearly 30 House-passed jobs bills are just sitting over in the Democratic-controlled Senate. These bills stop Washington from spending money it doesn’t have, eliminate excessive regulations, expand American energy production, and more. Most passed with bipartisan support. And yet – even with the unemployment rate above 8 percent for three years, half of recent college graduates out of work, and most of the jobs lost belonging to womenthe president hasn’t lifted a finger to get House-passed jobs bills past Senate Democrats.

He should be addressing the debt that threatens long-term economic growth:

President Obama’s failed ‘stimulus’ policies and spending binge (which turned “a one-off surge in spending” into “his permanent New Normal”) have added trillions of dollars to the debt and are dragging down our economy. Speaker John Boehner wants to solve our debt crisis and prevent massive tax hikes before we run the risk of another downgrade – actions the nonpartisan CBO says are necessary to prevent another recession. Instead, the president offered a laughingstock of a budget that failed to get a single vote in Congress – and Senate Democrats haven’t offered a budget of their own in more than three years.

He should be embracing an ‘all of the above’ energy strategy to create jobs and lower prices:

Under the Obama administration, energy production on federal land has plummeted and prices have skyrocketed. Everything from gasoline to groceries is now more expensive for families and small businesses. The House has passed several bills to expand energy production, stop policies that drive up prices, and approve projects like the popular Keystone XL energy pipeline (which passed the House with a bipartisan veto-proof majority). And yet, the administration continues to attack American energy producers and threaten tax hikes that would make energy even more expensive.

There are other big challenges coming up too: automatic defense cuts the Obama administration says would “hollow out” out our military. The largest tax hike in history. But will the president address any of this? Or will he keep ignoring them in favor of fake fights and small ball political gimmicks?

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